Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shop Transient Withdrawal

So while I was gathering items for my 21 for 21 challenge, I came across SO many clothes that I don't wear anymore. With all the time on my hands now that I'm not allowed to shop, I decided to start Shop Transient Withdrawal for the clothes I don't wear anymore or never got around to wearing. Since I usually just donate my old clothes to Good Will, the items that haven't been sold for a few weeks will be taken off the shop, and either are going back to my closet or being donated.


For those who are in the middle of your 30 for 30 challenge and if see something you like, you can reserve something until your challenge is over, but you have to pinky-promise you'll buy it. Since I'm just starting, I'm not going to open my shop to readers outside of USA and Canada, but if you ask nicely, I just might make an exception ;)

Everything is $20 and under, and I'm also up for swapping! Click here to start shopping!

Happy shopping everyone! Stay tuned for my 3/21 outfit later tonight!

Until next post,

PS. Don't forget to enter/get your additional entries in for the Designer Apparel Giveaway!