Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Flashback

It's the time of year again when all of these flashbacks will start appearing on blogs, and I really enjoy reading them. I love seeing how we've all grown and changed over the course of a year, even if it seems like this year especially flew by. Looking back on my 2010 Flashback, it seems that back then, I was more focused on finding my personal style, and I did. Last year I went to fashion shows and spoke at the Chictopia 10 conference. This year though, I have been more focused on me as a person, not as a blogger. I didn't care about networking during NYFW. Blogging has now become more of a carefree hobby that I'm gradually loving again over time. Instead of obsessing over what I should buy and outfits to wear, I'm really enjoying life. I have found a job that I am in absolute love with. My relationship with Robert and friendships are the strongest they've been in a while.

As many of you know, I began my weight-loss journey on February 1st this year. While I've gained some weight back with it being the holidays and all, the most weight I've lost was 25-pounds. Even though some days I don't see the difference on the outside, I can feel the difference on the inside--I'm more confident in and more sure of who I am. I'm slowly realizing my self-worth. I'm not afraid to go after what I want anymore. I'm okay with being alone and being independent, actually sometimes I prefer it that way. I'm stronger and better than I was in 2010. I hope to lose another 25 pounds and grow more as an individual in 2012.

Here are my favorite 11 outfits/photos of 2011:

#2 Finding a New Path

#3 Baby Blue

#4 Quiet Confidence

#5 Impulse Buys

#6 NYFW: ModSwap

#7 Jersey Shore Photo Diary

#8 Made for Walkin'

#9 Florals in Combat

#10 In Cahoots

#11 Stuck like Glue

runner ups:
not sweater weather / just enough

Since this is a personal style blog, I'll highlight the changes in my style too. This year I broke away from my signature stripes and bows, so much so I'm not really sure what my signature is anymore. The change in my style definitely coincided with my weight loss, probably because I've been willing to try new things. My looks became more structured and rugged with the additions of boots and jackets in the Fall, and yet somehow, I think my looks have become a bit more girly (even without the constant wearing of bows in my hair). I didn't really buy skirts this year, more dresses I think. It's funny looking back on the changes over the course of a year, because through out the year, you think nothing much has changed but after a long time, you realize just how much has changed. I remember thinking at the beginning of the year that my style probably wouldn't change much since I had my signature looks, but look at me now. Who knows how style will be next year this time? I'm excited to find out! I can't wait to come up with some new style resolutions too. I already know one of them is going to be wear more shorts and pants on this blog.

All in all, 2011 was such a pivotal year and it'll be always remembered as just that. It was the catalyst to the person I am now and to the life I am living and will be living. Thank you so much for all the support you gave me all year long. I love you all so very much! Here's to a new year!

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  1. It's been so wonderful seeing your progress this year and I'm so happy that you're feeling completely happy in yourself because you truly deserve. Keep up the amazing work because reading your blog always gives me a massive smile!

  2. glad to hear you gained confidence, and congrats on your weight loss !


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  3. Lovely to see this flashback post; I definitely agree with you about how nice they are to read! That baby blue dress in the third photograph is a real gem! It's great to hear that you're so happy with yourself and that 2011 has had so many personal achievements! I hope that you have a great New Years and a great start to 2012!

  4. i LOVE #2, #3, and #11..
    you are such a beautiful lady!!
    i hope 2012 is an amazing year for you!

  5. That last one is my absolute favorite and I still wanna steal it from you! You had some epic key pieces this year such as that hat, those booties, and your thrifted jean jacket! Can't wait to see what next year will bring <3

  6. there's not a single outfit on here that i wouldn't wear! ahh, they're all brilliant! love love love