Friday, October 21, 2011

In Cahoots

Happy Friday! A while back, Nicole and I were exchanging emails and I asked if she were interested in doing a swap because she has some pretty awesome clothes. I've been craving dresses lately so I'm glad she let me borrow this adorable owl printed dress that she has worn many times on her blog. I love swaps because it allows you to try new clothes without having to buy them, but I also hate swaps because I tend to fall in love with the items that I have to eventually give back. This dress is so comfortable and I adore the print and the cut. I may just have to bite the bullet and make my first purchase from ModCloth soon!

The weather seems to finally be cooling down and I was able to finally wear tights in the morning on Wednesday. I didn't wear this outfit to work because I didn't want to ruin a dress that wasn't mine at work. The one day I wore a dress to work recently, it came home with a hole so I didn't want to take any chances. It was a good thing too because on Wednesday, one of the kindergarteners stepped in dog poo and decided to chase me around trying to wipe it off on me (I really do love my job). Hopefully I find a nice occasion to wear this dress before I have to return it. I can't wait to style the other items she lent me. Click here to see how she styled my peach floral dress.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Until next post,
red cardigan - gap
owl printed dress - modcloth (swap via nicole)
yellow bow belt - vintage (via etsy)
loafers - aldo


  1. Ooh this is such a perfect print to make a dress in! I'm still so annoyed Modcloth charge so much to ship over to the UK otherwise I would happily buy all of their overpriced beautiful things. I might have to pester Nicole to do a swap with me too once I get round to finishing off our swap. I sewed on your button to the romper by the way so it'll be all nice and wearable when it gets back to you.
    Anyway, I love the colours together in this outfit, primary colours are the best and I'm gonna try and wear them all tomorrow. Have a great weekend Jasmine! x

  2. Hahaa..the dog poo story is priceless. Children are so sweet right?

    I am also loving this outfit Jasmine!! You did such a great job belting it with the yellow bow belt and the cute cognac shoes.

  3. That owly dress is so adorable on you! I really love all the colours you've combined here. So good! I lovelove the little red knit cap you sent me and I wear it alllllll the time! I still have something to send you, when I finally get my act together. Ugh!

  4. Cute dress, I love the colors in your outfit

  5. This dress is very pretty and so very you ! I also think you look really fab in these photos.

  6. Pretty neat dress to swap with :) & funny story about the child and the poop lol

    Always such lovely outfits!!
    xx Kat

  7. I love that dress! It looks fantastic on both of you. I don't know if I could deal with dog poo at work though, you're more patient than I could ever be xo

  8. Oh goodness, the dress looks perfect on you Jasmine! I love how you styled it with that adorable little bow belt and those super cute loafers! :)

  9. Woot, you're wearing tights! I LOVE it when you wear tights. <333 and your loafers, gahhh. Making my heart sing. (:

    Oh that dress is so adorable; too bad you have to return it! Hope you can wear it more before you give it back. :3

  10. Ah I love a good clothing swap! Especially between some of my favorite bloggers. Also, this post has increased my loafer lust tenfold :D

  11. You're so so cute! I love the bow belt :o)

  12. I sooooo love the colors in this outfit. Cognac, red, navy, YELLOW, all together in perfect harmony <3 And is the indian summer finally over in Cali? Hello tights! :D

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm going to wear that dress tomorrow to style! I'm borrowing mine from Eleanor! Hehehe! xo