Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Enough

It has been wonderfully chilly lately and I've been loving being able to wear beanies, tights, sweaters, and boots comfortably. Especially the boots. Every outfit seems incomplete without them now. It's hard to imagine what I'd be wearing if they weren't a part of my closet. So glad I let Jen and Emily talk me into buying them way back during NYFW. I hope you don't get sick of these either.

Thanks for all your well-wishes on my last post. I had a productive weekend and can only hope I can keep it up before and after the holidays. I just can't wait to not have my applications be on my mind, but I'm also extremely, overly excited for Black Friday this year. I'm in this weird shopping mood. I don't even really need anything in particular, but it'll just be fun to experience the madness with family and friends. My friend and I want to start lining up after Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday to go to the midnight start of the Urban Outfitters Black Friday Sale. I'm so pumped, even if I don't get anything (highly unlikely), it'll be just fun to go.

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend everyone! In the spirit of things, I'm truly grateful for each one of you who read and support my blog!

Until next post,
sweater - brandy melville
dress - victoria secret
boots - topshop
beanie - free people


  1. Happy shopping! Maybe one of these days I'll have the courage to do the Black Friday thing.

    Most importantly though, have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have fun shopping!! :)


  3. Sounds like you're gonna have a fun Black Friday!!! I am working (sad...) but I already took advantage of their free shipping, so that's cool!!

    And I'm so stoked you got those boots. Too cute!!

  4. I love your bracelets :-) I have something similar like yours too that I got from Cotton On...Lastly, Happy Shopping.!!! =)

  5. The red beanie looks so good on you! Have fun at Black Friday and don't get trampled (:

  6. Lovely outfit dear :) the pop of the red beanie makes everything more bright! & boots are always a must for autumn and winter. a must. Hope you too have a fantastic holiday!!


  7. YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS. I just want to tuck you into my pocket and carry you around. Can I do that? Ok cool, glad you're ok with that.

    I'm so jealous that you're going shopping, I'm going to stop by American Eagle to have a look at their jeans (since I can't seem to find anything that fits me nowadays, I'm either constantly fluctuating in weight or my jeans actually have a mind of their own). Also, I'm totally stopping by Gap as well. You'd better post your lucky finds because you always seem to find the best deals!

    P.S. Stealing this entire outfit from you <3 xo

  8. you look so cute :) those shoes are stunning!!


  9. We both know that we're going to go crazy at Urban Outfitters this Black Friday. 50% off all sale items? Let's rampage! :D

  10. Man, I love those boots more and more every time you wear them! And I love your beanie! Such a cute chilly weather outfit :)

  11. First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING JAZZY! :D I saw your tweet about skipping the gym and I think you made the right decision!;) I've been loving those boots on you ever since you introduced them on the blog. They really suit your personal style!

    I wish I could go across the border to do some serious Black Friday shopping, but work comes first, as sad as that sounds :( Have fun shopping!!