Sunday, December 18, 2011

Season of Receiving

The wind was so strong and crazy on Friday that I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous we must've looked trying to take pictures in the midst of it. Nicole and I returned the items we swapped with each other this past week. I'm so happy to have this skirt (and my other items) back. It's funny that we both lent each other three items, but we only styled the dresses since for both of us the other two items fit awkwardly. Nicole was even kind of enough to surprise me by giving me her owl-printed dress as a gift when she sent my items back (thank you thank you thank you so much again Nicole!). I can't wait to style it some more! Nicole is definitely one of my favorite bloggers so if you haven't seen her blog, go check it out! She's constantly inspiring me with her effortless color combinations and cozy outfits. Another gift I received recently was for my birthday. It was this warm and cozy infinity scarf from two of my oldest and closest friends (Hi Andrea and Lisa! I know you read my blog sometimes!!!).

Winter Camp at work starts this week! I'm so excited to do all the holiday crafts we have lined up for the kids. My hours are different this week so hopefully I'll be able to crank out more posts this week than I have been recently.

Until next post,
blazer - urban outfitters
t-shirt - lucca couture (via hautelook)
skirt - zara
belt - cotton on
leaf ring - etsy
scarf - target (gift)
shoes - urban outfitters


  1. I understand what you mean. Sometimes I feel silly trying to take pictures in the rain :) but anything to get that perfect shot, right?


  2. Your new scarf looks so comfortable and warm (lovely colour as well!) Have a great time at the winter camp (:

  3. AHH HAHA yess I am reading! What an honor to be mentioned :P I'm so glad you like the scarf, and the color goes really well with this dress! Did I tell you I got a black infinity one too?! Mmm they'll keep us warm for more nights huddled in Barnes! See you soon <3

  4. Love that skirt!!

  5. You look lovely!!! I am really loving that blazer too. It's a perfect fit!

  6. This is such a sweet little outfit. I adore the colours that totally aren't winter but still look so nice and wintery. That wind looks INSANE though, I'd be afraid to go outside without freezing to death!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas Jazzy, and have oodles of fun with the kids! You should show us what activities you have in store :) xo

  7. So pretty! I love that lil blazer on you Jasmine! It really makes this look different than most of your other ones (not that there's anything wrong with those, hehe). (:

    Aww I'm so happy Nicole decided to give you that dress, I know how much you adore it! Can't wait to see you style it some more!

  8. Love your floral skirt...such a cute outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Aww, thanks Jasmine! I can't wait to see the other ways you style the dress :)
    I love this outfit! That blazer is so cute on you!

  10. hey Jasmine, my first visit here (:
    I adoreeee your flower skirt, and totally in love with your winter outfit theme, it's very cute!
    have a great day! :D