Saturday, December 03, 2011

Quelle Elegance

This t-shirt is another one of my Black Friday finds. It is so soft and comfortable, and I already know I'll be wearing it a lot. I know you can't see it clearly because for once, I took my own pictures, but I'll definitely wear this again when Robert's around to take my pictures. The winds here have been really strong and crazy. I was so afraid that my tripod (and camera) was going to topple over. I haven't bought anything from Zara in a while. I've just found that their stuff has gotten more expensive but has lost some of its quality. Even though it was on sale, it was still $15, but I just couldn't resist the dress and suit adorable graphic. And it is really, really soft. I'm a sucker for comfortable t-shirts. The belt and bracelet are new additions to my closet as well. I found the belt for $5! Mint green is one of my favorite colors. I couldn't resist this bracelet from Jewel Mint since I had a coupon code. At first, I didn't know if I liked it on me since I rarely wear bracelets, but I can't seem to take it off now. I think it's a little lonely though and am now looking for another bracelet or a watch to wear with it.

Today is my last day of being 21 years old! I have nothing really exciting planned to bring in the new year I'm not even sure of what I really want in terms of gifts. I already bought myself the full set of Harry Potter blu rav/dvd/digital copies a couple weeks ago. I've just been so busy working on my applications, working, and finishing off this semester at school that it sort of crept up on me this year. The next time I update I'll be 22! How weird...!

Until next post,
t-shirt - zara
skirt - cotton on
belt - h&m
shoes - urban outfitters
bow tie bracelet - jewelmint


  1. That bracelet is ADORABLE! Oh my gosh! I want to put that on my christmas list. I love that tee shirt. I dream of owning something from zara! xoxo

  2. Always adored your outfits :) very fitting and inspirational! Also, it's been very, very windy here in the valley too - I dislike it very much! Good look to your exams, I've got myself some too (ugh, biology anatomy).


  3. Happy early birthday and good luck on everything that's come at the end of this semester!

  4. I wanted to get that bow tie bracelet for my sister-in-law's birthday but it was completely sold out! It looks gorgeous on you & so does the dotted skirt. LOVE!

  5. Happy early birthday Jazzy! You look gorgeous and I love all the little details in your outfit, and YES! BOWS! I'm a little choked I can't get my hands on that bracelet for myself, darn JewelMint/every other mint line for not shipping to Canada yet.

    P.S. I totally agree with you on Zara, it's been a major hit/miss as of late.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend xo <3

  6. love that skirt

  7. Oh, that tee shirt is the cutest! And it looks adorable with your polka dot skirt. Also, that bracelet is wonderful! :)

  8. Cute bracelet :) Looks good on you

  9. i really love the bracelet. happy bday!!! being 22 is great!!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday love! I feel bad for missing it, but the last few days have been crazy busy for me. :(

    Good thing you got that shirt, it's the cuteeeest!