Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Back to What I Know

Finding myself sitting on my bed, in tights and my bra, and staring at my closet is an all too familiar scene lately. So I decided to just go back to what I knew worked which is a striped tee and a solid skirt. If you've followed my blog since the beginning, you'd know that I practically wore this everyday for a while. I'm (and probably my long-time readers are too) glad that I somehow fell out of that routine, but it's nice to be back in a classic-me outfit. All that I'm missing is a bow right? My second blog birthday is approaching and looking back, it's really cool and surreal to see how much my style has changed since then. I don't know how to describe the evolution, but I know that it's there. Two years ago I probably never would've worn loafers or a denim jacket. Now if I can just get out of this skirt, tights, top rut, I'll be golden.

Until next post,
denim jacket - thrifted
striped top - urban outfitters
skirt - h&m
loafers - aldo


  1. I think this look is classic and timeless so don't ever fall out of the habit of wearing it every now and again! I'm sending your package out on Friday, I know we've both been awful at this... the only thing is I go home for Christmas on the 14th so I might email you my home address instead to be on the safe side.

  2. Well you always look stylish!!! I wouldn't fret too much:)

  3. Your confidence in wearing stripes is so inspiring :-)

  4. Urgh, I love that loafers. It's difficult to find a good pair of loafers that wouldn't make me feet look short and unflattering. I like yours because of the almond-toe shape! :D Speeeeeaking of bows, I haven't seen you wearing bows lately. Go put one on now, it's your signature look! :)


    I can't even put into words how profoundly amazing this outfit is. It really is good to go back to the basics sometimes, especially when you are able to come up with outfits as perfect as this! :-*