Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Resolutions

I can't believe is 2011 is coming to an end so quickly yet so slowly at the same time. Looking back, I'm actually really surprised that I accomplished all of my resolutions (well as soon as I press submit to my grad school apps, blah). I don't even think I was consciously doing it either. I have definitely adopted a healthier lifestyle: eating less junk and exercising everyday. I made this resolution because I was getting sick a lot last year, but this year I can't recall getting really sick. This year, I have also really spent way less money on clothes than I did last year. After taking a real close look at my bank account in the Summer, I realized that I was an impulsive shopper. I then stopped shopping at Forever 21 and have since started to really think about the pieces I'm buying. In September, I had an amazing couple of days in New Jersey and New York City with Jen. Over the year, I've been a bad blogger in spending less time on my blog/your blogs/on the internet, but I have really enjoyed the "real" world too.

This next year, I hope to continue my weight loss journey and get back to my high school weight. I hope to travel somewhere outside of the U.S. While I have loved going to three NYFW's, I just want to experience something entirely new in a new country. I want to cook more so I can continue saving money so that I can eventually move out. Cooking feature on my blog anyone? To continue with spending less time on the internet, I want to read more because Robert gave me a Kindle for my birthday and because I really do enjoy reading but just can't find the time anymore. Robert's always teasing me how I don't like to try new things (especially food), and it's sort of true. I really don't like change. It freaks me out and I hate not having control/not being able to predict what's going to happen. But life is unpredictable so I'm going to try a new thing every month, whether it be a new food or a new fashion trend.

What are your 2012 resolutions? I am so ready for 2012 to be here already. I just really need a fresh start.

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  1. Love the way you did this post! I'll have to dig out last year's resolutions and see how I did. I don't think it went very well, but here's to being better in 2012!

  2. Wah congratulation you did it all in 2011! good girl :P and I hope the new resolution will be accomplished too as you did last year. Well, honestly I haven't make mine yet, I'll do it now. Inspiring post and happy new year! :D


  3. Cute resolution designs! It's definitely really interesting to pull up what your resolutions were at the beginning of the year and yay for completing everything on your list! You'll definitely get to accomplish your 2012 resolutions too (:

  4. I'll be posting my 2012 goals tomorrow. I'm so bad with these types of things though.

    I'm so proud that you were able to stick with yours!! I have no doubt that you'll be able to do all the things on your this coming year as well.

  5. I'm happy to hear you were able to accomplish almost all of your 2011 resolutions Jasmine! I've never had much luck with those so I've just stopped making them altogether. Haha. But I really admire you for making these yearly lists!

    I want a Kindle, too, because like you I absolutely love reading but have sort of fallen out of sync with it. Sad, but true. I really hope to be able to read more new books this 2012 (instead of just re-reading Harry Potter, lol).

    And ohmygoddygod please come to Manila??? <3