Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Light Up the Sky

I've been pretty good at updating these past few days so let's hope I can keep it up! :) Anyway, yesterday, it rained but it was also our three-year anniversary. It was a really relaxed day, nothing extravagant so my dress will have to wait for some other formal event, maybe valentine's day. Usually on Tuesdays, I take the bus to my internship since it's at 9am instead of getting a ride from Robert since his first class isn't until 12; but, he gave up sleep (aww!) to take me out to breakfast and dropped me off. The kids were adorable as usual. Robert then missed his classes because he fell asleep in his car so we took off for the day. We went shopping, and ate dinner at Souplantation, which is a vegetarian buffet! So yummy, and healthy! We finished the special day hour at the gym, hahaha. So nothing too extravagant, but that's just how we are--simple and appreciative of the little things.

(wearing: cardigan -- zara; anchor-printed t-shirt, and teal oxfords -- urban outfitters)

Today, I am debuting two new things in my closet--the red cardigan from Zara, and the teal oxfords from Urban Outfitters--both were $19.99! The cardigan is one of the softest ones I own, if not the softest. It's made up of silk and cotton! The oxfords are so sturdy and endured the rain yesterday with no trouble, but left my feet a little battered. I can't wait until they're broken in! I think my next pair of oxfords (I'm addicted now...) will be a more "normal" color, like a brown or black! I'm eyeing a pair from Aldo. Ah I'm oxford-crazy now!


I checked my schedule for work, and I have this weekend off! I'm partially excited and partially disappointed since I really do need the money, but it's okay! I am going to make the most of it to get caught up with schoolwork and to edit the photos from the wedding last weekend. I returned the camera equipment to my friend, and have set myself a deadline to finish editing. I also need to design and print business cards, and create a portfolio, all the while swimming in a sea of midterms and papers to do. I feel so overwhelmed, stressed, and conflicted. I really wish photography was my only priority and responsibility at the moment, then I could really give it my all; but there's so many other things to do. I cannot wait until I graduate!

Until next post,

PS. Thank you to Taylor for the award :) You're always so sweet and leave the nicest, thoughtful comments!

*PPS. I am in desperate need of new music! Tell me some of your favorite songs or artists and I will check them out!!!

PPPS. I just realized my new oxfords match the color of the links in my blog. Hehe!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You and Robert are too sweet and adorable! I love your new oxfords, the color is amazing! I love oxfords too, but my only pair is dying and I need a new pair! Let me know if you see any good brown ones! That red cardigan is lovely too, I love the bright color! Don't worry you can do everything on your to-do list! Don't stress out :( Maybe make a list and slowly go through all of them, but don't tackle them all at once! You'll be too overwhelmed. Hmm I'm not sure what kind of music you like, but I like old music like from the Carpenters and ABBA. Lily Allen is my favorite modern singer, but there was this other singer, Nicole Atkins, who is less known but sings some nice songs.

  2. Happy anniversary!! It's always nice to be simple and appreciate the little things in life; you never should take things for granted (something I'm still learning, shame shame!).

    I do love your oxfords and that beautiful teal it comes in. I want a pair! I have so many already but I don't care, I want them. Gosh darn me trying to save money!

    As for songs, I've been listening to "All Yr Songs" by Diamond Rings on repeat today. It's sooooo freaking good. But beware, Diamond Rings dude is quite an odd character (if you watch the video).

  3. Happy anniversary! I'm digging the Dan Deacon album from last year (not exactly new, I guess!) and Here Come the Warm Jets/Eno(again, not new, but I'm just not hip enough to listen to new music!)

    Teal oxfords, oh dear. I don't even own a single pair of oxfords even though I want one very much! Yours are tempting me.

    xo Jenny

  4. aaahhh!!!! such a cute blog post!! as always, im in awe of your outfit!!! waaahh and those teal oxfords are so cute!! what a deal!?! too bad we dont have UO here..

    music: i like females so there's adele, tegan&sara, regina spektor, kate nash, ingrid michaelson, missy higgins.. these are not so new.. but it's always nice to listen to them :)

  5. Cute and happy anniversary to u and robert! u guys look sweet together! and love those oxfords!

    xoxo jenna

    check me out:

  6. Awww, happy 3 years!! So amazing! I'm glad you finally get a break this weekend; you deserve it. And those oxfords are so cute! I love the color!

  7. Yes! I'll definitely be vlogging! =) Our event is turning out to be so great but it's definitely been keeping me busy!

    As far as music goes - Lykke Li & La Roux are high on the lists right now! Have you listened to Yelle? I really like her. Vintage Fiona Apple is also great. My faves are Snow Patrol... Really into Lady Antebellum right now haha, if you like country they're good.


  8. What you like in real life always overflows into your writings. And that includes the colors that you love.

  9. happy anniversary, i love the photo at the top.

  10. TOO ADORABLE. That necklace pretty much sums up how adorable you two are <3 I love love love this outfit and GOSH DARN YOU. I can't ever find any oxfords in my size :(

    Franz Ferdinand
    Imogen Heap
    Breaking Benjamin

  11. You should listen to Dream On. It's totally rad. And you look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in all the pictures.

  12. Oh, sorry about the rain. Happy Anniversary! Love the outfit, especially the shirt.

  13. happy anniversary! wow! I love the outfit too!!

  14. aww there's no better way to celebrate an anniversary than to spend it together doing the simple little things. :) your outfit is adorable by the way. i can't get over how cute your oxfords are, why do you have such good luck finding them?? if you ever come across a lovely brown pair in size 7.5 sent them my way, haha ;)

    good luck with all your busy work, and making business cards and a portfolio sounds like fun! as for new music...hmmm...i'd say check out (if you haven't already) a fine frenzy, grizzly bear, urrgh it's too late to think haha. my two favorite songs right now though are "pick up the phone" - dragonette, and "the perpetual self" by sufjan stevens. :)

  15. Happy Anniversary honey!! Luv ur oxfords, u styled them perfectly! Hope u have a stunning wknd xxx

  16. I AM VERY VERY JEALOUS of those lovely teal oxfords that you have!! your blog is lovely and your style is amazing!!


  17. Happy Anniversary!! :)

    Love the teal oxfords!

    And vegetarian buffet?? What??? I need to go now.

  18. aw happy anniversary! that cardigan looks so comfy... in regards to music, i'm really into pete york, ryan adams and sufjan stevens. check them out if you're into singer-songwriters...


  19. happy 3 years to you two! Love those teal oxfords. oh man those are heaven. and they were only 19.99!?

    ps. I've been to souplantation about a million times..LOVE IT. but i think its not all vegetarian - they have chicken noodle soup! (I know this because its my favorite)

    Wanderlusting Fool