Friday, January 15, 2010

Anywhere But Here


I don't even know if I'm sick, or if it's just exhaustion/frustration with life anymore. Whatever it is, it needs to go away. I miss being Miss Sunshine. I called in sick today for my internship so I could rest, and Robert stayed with me. It was a simple and easy, yet comforting day. We made up for the lack of cuddling over the week, slept until 11, cooked lunch, and then went out for a bit since he said he'd buy me a shirt to cheer me up. I didn't find anything in the stores so we just sat around, talked, and played with my camera. He just dropped me off, and I already miss him.


(wearing: gray beanie and blue jacket -- forever 21; striped top -- rodarte x target; black tights -- forever 21; black flats -- charlotte russe)


This whole week was about comfort for me as I recover from this random cold. I didn't even wear my oxfords because I was that lazy to tie my shoes, so it's back to these trusty black flats. This jacket is the warmest thing I have, and since it gets pretty chilly at night, it's been worn pretty much everyday. I must invest in a chunky knit cardigan of some kind...but I bet by the time I find one, it'll be spring and too late to wear it. If you know any place that has some and at a decent price, let me know!

(source: tumblr)

"Is this a natural feeling
Or is it just me bleeding?
All my thoughts and dreams
In hope that you will be with me or
Is this a moment to remember
Or just a cold day in December?
I wonder if maybe
Maybe I could be all you ever dreamed."

-Anywhere but Here -- Safety Suit


I forgot to upload this picture of the keyboard last post, but I love it so much that I'm posting it now! I'll try to get over this sickness/sadness thing this weekend. Even though I have work on Saturday and Sunday, it's a three day weekend! I think Robert and I are going to check out an art school I want to apply to on Monday, and just relax.

Ahh, I can't believe I missed the kids doing their Martin Luther King Jr. Day march today and the cornbread-cupcakes they made. But thank you MLK Jr for the day off, and for fighting for equality of course...!

I think I'll do a room tour or a what's-in-my-bag post this weekend.

Until next post,

PS. Thank you for all the comments and follows. Each mean the world to me! I've been so out of it, but I'm going to catch up on blogs right now :)


  1. Aw my dear, I hope you feel better. I think I've been feeling the same way lately... I BLAME THE WEATHER AND SCHOOL. I've been stressed lately that my hair has been starting to fall out... WHAT?! So not normal. Anyway, you look super cute aaaand, you and Robert need to STOP BEING SO DARN ADORABLE. You make my heart melt.. <3 You take way toooooo amazing photos. I'm too jealous! xo

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog amidst the down feeling today.. im not as happy myself with the wasted day i had today. anyway, i hope you do feel better.. sometimes, it's really just simple things like cuddling and lounging around that's more important than material things. i find that when i am 'down' physically, shopping helps.. but when it's emotionally down, i try to find something more inspiring and productive to do like taking photos or making crafts or listening to music.

    cheer up, dear!! *hugs*

  3. Aww I hope you feel better! I guess you could call it the mean reds or something, or just the blues. I go through phases like that all the time, usually once the semester kicks in! Just take it easy and do some things that make you happy, like watch a movie you love or just read a book and relax! Your jacket is lovely, and I think I have that same beanie as you except in white!

  4. lovely photos, so sweet --- cute beanie!

  5. you and him are so perfect.


  6. great outfit, lovely hat :)

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  7. Awww. You look adorable. I hope you get well soon. The weather around here has also been pretty insane.

  8. awww i'm sorry you've caught this random cold. cheer up a bit and feel better dear :) it's so sweet of robert to keep you company and take care of you when you're not feeling your best.
    your outfit is adorable though and i can't even tell you're sick! i'm in love with your jacket! and you're so cute in that hat of yours!! :)
    i'm loving that keyboard shot btw, the composition and lighting is beautiful.
    thank god for three day weekends.
    can't wait to see your next post!

  9. Hi Jasmine, I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this! I've been stuck with a case of the blahs myself, brought on by money troubles :( It's no fun, and the gloominess of January doesn't help.

    Have fun checking out the art school on Monday, that sounds really cool!

    Hang in there! You know we're on your side :)


  10. I hope you feel better. I love your photos, they have a very atmospheric quality to them.

  11. I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad to hear your lover is taking good care of you!

    Oh! I don't know if you have Urban Behavior around were you live! I normally don't shop too much there(I find most of the stuff look club wear) but once in awhile a good item rest on their shelves! I found a chunky oversize cardigan for 9$! It is the same cut than my ByCorpus one that I pay 10xtime the price! Of course the quality is different but still! Hope you can find one you like soon!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon