Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Q&A Vlog Part One

So after spilling tea, my computer deleting the first take, and taking 7 hours to upload, here it is--the first part of my Q&A vlog! I had to divide it into two parts since you all asked so many questions (or I just talk to much...). I tried to make it as short as possible, so the editing may be a little...abrupt at some parts.

I've written out the questions and my answers here, just in case you don't wanna hear me talk/want to find an answer quickly.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Until next post,


  1. Hehehe, I loved when you answered the wendys question!! yay!!

    Umm...YOU ARE THE CUTEST! I loved this video girl. You are so sweet. I loved your answers too. I need to post my video asap. Its so nice hearing your voice!!! x

  2. You're adorable! AND YES THE WENDY'S DOLLAR MENU! Whenever we see each other next that's what we're hitting up. Cheap and delicious. :)

  3. I was smiling the entire time watching this. You're so adorable! My friend and I have this tradition where we eat out at Wendy's everytime we get together XD

    Can't wait for vlog 2!


  4. I'll copy the commenter above me and say I was smiling the ENTIRE time I watched this! Goodness you are so adorable, I just love listening to you! (:

    Aww, so happy to hear you are living your dream job right now. And, lol, when I was younger I wanted to be a doctor but I also realized that I suck at Science and totally scared of blood. @.@

    I looove dipping fries in ice cream too! <3

  5. OMGOSH YOU'RE ADORABLE! As always :) LOL you make me laugh and smile, I Love your answers! I'd probably have a million musicals to recommend to you, but I shall restrain myself to just one: CHICAGO. Hahaha I've actually never eaten at Wendy's before, but you actually make it sound good (fries and ice cream? Apparently I've never heard of that but it sounds so good)!.

  6. Oh, this video was so cute and I loved your answers! Up is one of my favorite movies too, and I find that Jason Mraz songs are pretty often happiness-inducing :)

  7. oh Jasmine, it's so nice to finally hear you talk! :D It might sound creepy but I like your voice and the way you talk. No wonder you're good with kids, I can tell from your voice that you're a patient person (at least more patient than m, especially when dealing with kids :p)

    Chris loves the dollar menu from Wendys too! I always get combo #1 and he always gets 3-4 items from the dollar menu :p

    I can't wait for Part 2! Hurry up!!! :)


  8. So I always thought you were cute in photos, but you are even cuter in videos! Seriously, you have the cutest smile and voice. That's not supposed to sound creepy though ha! Love the video blog...and I say there should be more in the future!!