Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Again, this week my inspiration board is all over the place...I'm not ever really sure what I'm looking for when I go shopping anymore. One moment I'm looking for some light blue hues and some chambray; and the next I'm looking for some springy florals. Of course stripes are always a head-turner for me. You'd all be proud to know that when I went shopping with my bestie on Friday night, despite trying on armloads of striped tops, I left with nothing striped! A great feat I must say! I never thought summer could be this fun to dress for! As the weather gets hotter, it seems as if all trends are still in existence--just sans tights. I'm usually not a fan of summer because it seems too simple (ie. just a sundress, or just a skirt and a top), but I'm hoping to expand my accessories collection so that just-a-sundress becomes a complete outfit. I think I just found my target when I go shopping this week!

What are your favorite summer trends?

PS. I'm nearing 150 followers--another giveaway soon? I think so!

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  1. hurray!! good job on not buying stripes!! i need to lay down on black pieces! i just have way too much! hahaha!

    so glad for you and your followers!! i'm cooking up a giveaway soon because of the sudden rise in following! :D yay for giveaways! :D

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  2. Yay I always look forward to your inspiration boards! Hmm as for summer trends, all I know is this will be yet another summer of searching for the perfect espadrilles! I think I've been looking since high school! I did find one, but after wearing them a few times they killed my feet, so the search is on yet again. Can't wait to see your summer outfits!

  3. great. stripes, florals, and tights.

  4. i have the same issue with summer clothing, like...i feel like a dress is too simple to deserve a photoshoot. it's just too hot to layer! i'm going to have to work on those accessories as well. too bad i'm not a hat person...maybe i'll give it a try :P

  5. Love the bows and hats! Way to go for summer shopping!

  6. nothing wrong with stripes!
    apparently it's horizontal and not vertical stripes which make you look thinner. how odd?
    clogs are a lovely summer trend, but rather difficult to walk in unfortunately.


  7. I know what you mean, all of this season's trends are wonderful! Chambray, pastels, clogs -- you can't help but be drawn to them all. <3

  8. Great inspiration board!! I love the mixture of nautical and feminine.

    And congrats on nearing 150 followers! I hope it happens soon:)

  9. awesome inspirations! especially the first two are great!

  10. So much cute!!! It's settled - I need a fitted blazer. I've been searching in thrift stores for cute blazers but can't find any!! Oh, well, to Zara/UO it is!

  11. Haha you're stripe syndrome is just like mine with anything floral and blue. My favorite summer trend is definitely just flowy dresses. And I'm kind of on the same boat, I'm terrible at accessorizing and outfits end up really simple and boring. Haha.


  12. this summer i have difficulties transitioning from fall/early spring clothes to yummer clothes. i hate all my summer clothes. in colder months i was in shades of gray and in a mixture of punk, madmax, matrix and suits and now i'm left with colored dresses from last years - i don't feel like myself in them.
    i went shopping and i found nothing!

  13. there's so much I want to buy that I always walk out empty handed in stores now.. hahah

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  14. i like Fashion Zen outfit !
    love her clogs:)


  15. I'm loving all the looks you posted.
    I'm doing a giveaway at my blog right now - a bow bracelet! Check it out. :)