Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

I don't think I can get enough of this sock-trend! I just don't have the legs for it...yet! I also think I desperately need some polka dots in my closet! Big or small or heart-shaped--they're just so darling! I already have more stripes than a zebra in my closet, now let's see if I can get more spots than a cheetah.

Until next post,

Straw -- Gary Pepper Vintage || Running with a Fash Pack -- Vanessa Jackman ||Play with Heart -- Tiny Toad Stool || I want to Cross Oceans -- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang || Sunny with a Chance of Pale -- Found: Happiness || Be a Model...Or Just Look Like One -- Mr. Newton || A Sailor Girl in the Country -- Chiara F. || Back to LA, Memorial Day -- Castaway Vintage || Boy Scout -- Elora || Pleated -- Hello Mr Fox || Angst -- Melanie Likes || I've Seen it Happen in Other People's Lives -- The Stylish Heart |


PS. You know it's true love when we unintentionally match, and in stripes no less! Too bad we're couped up inside studying today...I've always wanted to spend a day out matching with him...


  1. Haha I love how you two are matching stripes! So cute :) I agree, I really love polka dots right now and socks with heels!

  2. My honey and I have done the same thing! Only we matched in flannel. And we weren't dating yet because he was still with his long distance girlfriend and it was totally kind of awkward. I'm sure he thought I did it on purpose...but I hadn't ;) but now it's cute.

    I love all these pictures!! you are making me want to buy some socks.

    P.S. I'm going to upload the pictures soooon!!! And I'm so excited to swap!

  3. aaaww... my bf and i end up doing that too at times. we both think it's cheesy and people always tease us, but it's fun to have those mushy moments once in a while! hahaha! good luck studying! :D

    the photos you chose are truly sources of inspiration!! they're so refreshing to see as the week starts.. :D

  4. ahh you and robert are adorable in those stripes. you've converted him into wearing them :P

    and YES go get some polka dots!

  5. you two are too cute ;) in matching stripes.

    I also want to try the socks + heels trend buuuuut no luck in finding ideal socks to try them with.

  6. I definitely love the polka dots, and the straw hats! They are the perfect summer accessory!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Love this sunday inspiration! I love the stripes, prints, and light pastels. Oh, you two look cute being all matchy matchy! :D

  8. These are great! They all reflect pretty much every awesome trend right now. (: and I know what you mean about polka dots. I've always loved stripes and plaid but truthfully, spots are my absolute fave!

  9. LOL! That is so cute, the right time for matching and it will be worth the effort in school. Love all the pics.

  10. You and your boy are so cute ! Thanks for the inspiration, some really lovely photos there.

  11. I love all of these looks. I also am in love with the socks trend and polka dots so I know what your on about.

    Hehe, thats so cute you were matching.

  12. ooo, i love these photos, especially the mixing of pastels. i fear i can't pull that off because i'm too pale :( ah well, i will live vicariously!!
    love your pretty blog!