Thursday, September 20, 2012

Past Fall Favorites


stuck like glue // mad for plaid

touch of pink // in cahoots

how lucky we are // florals in combat

I must be one of the few bloggers who doesn't look forward to Fall every September. As much as I love pie on Thanksgiving, I would much rather have beach days and the feeling the warm sun against your skin. I really resent the first day when it's finally too chilly to go bare legged and you have to pull on tights, because that's when Summer's truly over. I'm definitely in the right part of the country then because it doesn't start getting chilly until October!

Since I'm in CA, I don't have much of a Fall/Winter wardrobe. I just usually rewear my Spring/Summer clothes with tights. I'm trying to slowly get some colder season clothing though! With my first boot purchases, I think I grew to love Fall a little bit last year. It was just so fun to wear them with florals that I'm kind of excited to dust them off and wear them again. I also can't deny my love for cozy sweaters and my army green jacket. I looked back on my blog to get myself in the Fall mindset and some of these outfits are my favorite of all time. I'm definitely going to try and one-up myself this year, and with my new mustard yellow cardigan, I think I just might! Also, I've been dying to wear out the sailboat print scarf that I scored for $7 at the ModCloth sale. Bring it on Fall!

What are your favorite Fall outfits that you've worn? 

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  1. Your military jacket/floral dress/boots post is still one of my ALL time favorites by you :) Gosh, I love your style oh so much. HOW DO YOU LOOK SO EFFORTLESS ALL THE TIME? ;)

  2. And I'm dying to see this scarf so I don't care if it's 99 degrees or not, post it ;)

  3. I love you in the denim jacket. I love you in plaid. And I'm going to REALLY love you in the sailboat scarf. <3

  4. i love the boots !
    your simple cozy style is really inspire me

  5. Loving your past fall outfits! For us, fall is when the city begins to get warmer actually so I feel like I'll be putting away my cold weather clothes for a little while! Sailboat print scarf? That sounds amazing!

  6. No I hear you, I am the same! I long for warm or slightly cool days, not ones where the temps start to freeze. Loving your past fall outfits, the idea of wearing a shirt as a jacket over dresses is a great one x