Monday, September 17, 2012


The thing about taking blog pictures on the weekends and not on the actual day you wear the outfit is either you re-wear what you wore earlier in the week or you plan an outfit for the upcoming week. Well this outfit is the latter. With only two days of fieldwork this week, I can definitely wear this outfit when I have class. Since I started waking up at 6AM, before I drift off to sleep every night, I try to plan my outfit for the next day. With my bed facing my closet, it's not hard to just stare into its abyss until an outfit or two come to mind. Sometimes it works out, and some mornings I'm frantically trying on everything in my closet. This mustard yellow cardigan happened to be near a chambray top and I thought the combination of colors was perfect as a transition from Summer to Fall. Normally I lament and mourn the end of Summer since I prefer the warmer seasons, but ever since I got this cardigan last week, I am anxiously waiting for it to cool down so I can wear it with other Fall colors. And well, this 100-degree heat is starting to get a little old.

Until next post,
cardigan - h&m
top - forever 21
belt - h&m
skirt - american apparel
shoes - aldo


  1. I love this outfit, Jazzy! It's simple yet put together :o)

    I'm a huge outfit planner as well, I'm always deciding what I'm going to wear the night before, just to make things a little less frantic first thing in the morning.

  2. 1. Great minds think alike. I adore mustard.
    2. I love that tank. I always have since Day 1.
    3. Chambray always has a special place in my heart.
    4. MINT. You can't go wrong with mint.
    5. I want your shoes.

    1+2+3+4+5=Jen's dream come true.

    I'm going to become a weekend blogger too once the sun starts setting earlier and once my friends become too busy to take my picture. Whomp.

    I miss you! I keep telling you I'm going to respond to your email - why am I so lousy?

  3. Omgosh I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that with my outfits! I'm terrible at planning next day outfits though, I usually do it when I'm about to fall asleep in bed...and then I completely forget the next morning! Love your mustard yellow cardigan, it's such a lovely, rustic hue! It looks so nice with your chambray skirt!

  4. Pretty skirt, love it :)