Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Not Sorry

Starbucks is slowly eating away at my savings...

But I've realized that I actually really enjoy early mornings when the essence of nighttime still lingers in the air. The world is quiet and calm, yet fast-moving at the same time as I've joined the 7AM commuters on the freeway and the morning lines at Starbucks. It's as if we're trying to tip-toe so as to not wake the rest of the world in our morning routines. While I still prefer sunsets, there's just something about watching the sky going from dark to light that just makes your eyes a little wider and more focused as the world comes into view once again. It's a stirring that my first sip of tea will never be able to replicate.

I took this photo when Robert and I went to the flea market during Labor Day weekend. That weekend seems like it was months ago, but really it was only 12 days ago. Student teaching has become my entire world. Once the 8AM bell rings, the day whizzes by so quickly. I never realized just how much work goes into teaching. From the prep-time in the morning to the planning, reflecting, and grading after school, there's always something else to do or a student who needs something extra. But all the exhaustion from 10+ hour days is so worth it because our third graders are seriously so amazing. I wish you could meet all 34 of them. I may not have known that the iPhone 5 came out this week, but I do know that the personalities of any of these 34 kids beats the new iPhone any ole day. I may be one of the few people who doesn't own a smart phone with 3G or the latest apps, but I have the smartest students. They're all so bright, well-behaved, eager to learn, and sweet. On my worst days when I'm a little more than bitter about what I don't have, I just remember that I'm going to have the best job in the entire world, and when you think about it, what's having a new dress or the latest iPhone in comparison to getting to know and work with kids? The latest trends got nothing on these kids. They are the absolute best. My mentor teacher is equally as amazing. I just love how student-centered she is. She empowers her students and give them control of their learning. Our classroom is so democratic: the students vote and have a say in all decisions concerning structure and rules. And I must say that if our actual government was based on the classroom constitution we're writing, America would be a much better place with rules like "no hitting, punching, kicking," "raise your hand when you want to speak," "be nice to everyone," etc.

I've missed blogging and reading your blogs, but I can't say I'm sorry. I'm having way too much fun with my new little friends. It's making me anxious that the days are starting to get shorter. I already haven't been able to blog with the sun setting at 7PM, which is a shame because I have been enjoying what I've been wearing to fieldwork. I am starting to get used to waking up at 6AM and working 10+ hour days, so hopefully I can get on a schedule soon that allows me to blog more often. I will try to take some pictures over the weekend so I'll have stuff to post next week.

Until next post,


  1. I'm glad you're loving your job, Jasmine! It's great to hear that you're making such a great connection to your students and mentor, and you're learning so much from it!

  2. "Sorry I'm not sorry." haha

    I love that you're loving teaching so much and that your third graders are amazing. I wish I could fly over and visit all 34 of them! I love the early mornings too though and I completely feel you. It's the only time of the day where everything seems calm and quiet.

    I hope you manage to blog soon. If only we lived closer so we could take pictures for each other (how many times have I said that?). But I'm worried about the earlier nights too. Blogging might be saved for the weekends! :P

    I'll email you later today! <3