Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Lucky We Are

Sorry for disappearing for a week, but I was drowning in my own insecurities. Even though I've lost 25 pounds since I began my weight loss journey in February, I felt like I was back in square one again with all the self-loathing and self-pity. Also, I lost my iPod that I've had for 3+ years and that Robert gave me for our very first anniversaries. I'm still devastated by it because I am usually meticulous as to the whereabouts of my things and I use my iPod every night, so it still boggles my mind how I lost it. So in short, I was definitely not my cheery self, and in no condition to prance around in cute outfits and smile pretty for photos. Reading blogs only enhanced these feelings because instead of being inspired, I was getting jealous. As much as I adore blogging, sometimes I just need to take a step back and not think about clothes or what about I look like. I hope you guys understand!

Two nights ago, I went through the We Are the 99 Percent blog and all of a sudden, all my worries of having huge pores and too many striped tops seemed so insignificant. So yesterday, I slipped on my cozy new sweater and my new boots, and basked in the beautiful California sunshine and realized just how lucky I really am. I am so lucky to have a loving boyfriend and family, to have a job that I love and pays decently, to be a debt-free college graduate, and to have more-than-enough clothes. It's wonderful what a little bit of perspective can do for you.

There's still a bit of time left of my Fall giveaway!

Until next post,
sweater - h&m
skirt - cotton on
boots - bakers
necklace - f21


  1. I love this outfit! And the boots look awesome on you with your skinny legs ;] I know how you feel about hitting that weight plateau, I've been on one for about 6 years! (I haven't been trying to lose weight that whole time tho!) Just never give up!

  2. I am loving those boots with this outfit. O and you look absolutely amazing and are inspiring me! I'm sorry you are having a rough week, but I am glad you are blogging again :)


  3. i think we all one those days/months!! :)
    you are beautiful jasmine. do not forget it.
    i am loving those darn boots you have on. gets me in the cold weather spirit.

  4. It's amazing the things that put your life into prospective. Sometimes we slip and get selfish but we're human and we're learning.
    I, too, am grateful for what I have. Do I want more? Yes and it's something that I am working towards.

  5. We are creatures of self doubt and worry. I used to worry all the time and still do, but then I look at the bigger picture and realize my life is great and it could be worse.

    Jasmine, you are beautiful inside and out! Always remember that.

    BTW, I adore your boots.

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. p.s. I love the new blog layout. I need a fresh layout too.. but have no clue how to rearrange my layout. LOL

  7. You're fucking gorgeous. That's all. :)

  8. I completely and whole-heartedly understand where you're coming from. Don't worry dear, I often do the same thing :)

    Cheers <3

  9. You look wonderful deary, I love those boots. Very chic.


  10. I'm a new reader! But I absolutely love your outfit in this picture! I hope you find your iPod and good luck on your weight loss :) Share some tips with us!

  11. Aww darling, I'm sorry to hear you went through that! I hate when everything just sort of piles up; every little frustration, doubt, self-loathing. \= but like what everyone has been saying: these things are normal. We all go through them from time to time, but eventually we get over it! And that's what matters. <3

    You are looking lovelier than ever Jasmine, and I mean that! Even with this simple, effortless look spectacular. Happy and adorable as can be. You know I love you! (:

  12. You look fab and i am glad you are feeling better !

  13. 25 pounds?! That's incredible. You look great. :)

    I think it's easy to get caught up with the little things and forget how fortunate we really are. Thanks for the reminder!


  14. You are such an inspirational girl. I even showed my Mom your blog(I hope that's a compliment).. I've been trying to explain to her, the type of people who inspire me, the type of bloggers, and girls I wish to be close to. Then I found you, and showed her.

    It's nice to know people like you exist.
    Many beautiful wishes !!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  15. I'm a little late to comment, but I'm just getting caught up on blogs for the week :) I love this post - I go through weeks like this, too, for SURE and even though I hate that you had an icky-feeling week, it's nice to know that others experience the same thing from time to time. You are a beautiful girl with great style and I absolutely love your blog. Thanks for sharing the link to 99 percent, too - I haven't seen it yet and I'm headed over there now to check it out.

  16. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of perspective to calm ourselves down. And what is this?? I take a break from the blogging world for a few days and you've got ANOTHER PAIR OF NEW BOOTS? I can sense an addiction coming on. First you have too many stripes, now it's going to be booties! These are awesome though and I love the gray! They go perfectly with this sweater outfit (that I kind of want to steal from you, thanks). I hope you're feeling loads better and I'll respond to your emails soon (I'm such a mess lately). I miss you and I'm always here for you! :) <3

  17. I totally agree that we need to step back and realize all of the great things we have in life! It's so easy to get caught up in not feeling "good enough" (I've had SO many of those days) and life is so much more happy when I think about the good I've had... instead of everything I want sometimes.

    You're amazing. And 25 pounds is a HUGE deal. Seriously, so amazing, girl!