Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mad for Plaid

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was filled with good food and good company. I got to spend quality time with everyone I love. On Black Friday this year, I got to experience the madness of how it begins. My friends, my brother, and I went to the midnight launch of the Urban Outfitters Black Friday. It was so chaotic, crowded, and just overall crazy. I'm generally not a claustrophobic person, but I was that night. By the time I made it to the sales racks, everything was already taken or on the floor. Most of the stuff I scored from that night was found thrown around the store or luckily left behind by the people in front of me in line. It took us two hours just to pay. I'm never going that early ever again. I scored quite a bit, but am returning about half of it. One of the things I did score and am keeping is this plaid top. I've been looking for one so I got lucky that this ended up being $10. I got home at 4AM after going to Urban Outfitters, woke up at 10:30AM to shop some more, and managed to get a pair of Gap's legging jeans for $20 and a t-shirt from Zara. Overall, I think this was my best Black Friday haul yet, but I will not be going so early to UO again. I'd rather sleep and wake up earlier for Gap and other stores.

On Saturday, my friends and I had our annual Thanksgiving dinner, except this time it was in LA. That night was so amazing. I've known most of them since middle school, and some since elementary school. I always love reuniting with them because it never feels like any time has passed despite our busy, now-grown-up lives. It's weird that we're college graduates doing grown up things like working, and attending or planning to go to graduate school. We had a potluck of delicious food. I baked two pies: pumpkin and pecan because I couldn't decide which one to bake. We caught up on our lives, met some new people, watched the USC vs UCLA football game, and played beer pong (I lost once but won once/helped dethrone the champs). This was such a wonderful way to end an already great Thanksgiving.

Holidays are over for now. Back to dieting and working on my applications.

Until next post,
plaid shirt - uo
chambray skirt - uo
grey tights - gap
loafers - aldo


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday break. It's always nice to reunite with old friends. :)

    Nice to hear that you were able to score some pieces from Black Friday. I can only imagine the mayhem that goes on on that day. Yikeees. You are a brave girl for going.

    Hope your week is going great, Jasmine!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Aw! I just love the plaid shirt on you :) I'm glad you were able to bond with your old friends on such a great holiday!

  3. Wow, what a hectic (as expected) Black Friday. That's great that you were able to get a good haul and hope you got rest over the weekend to make up for it. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (:

  4. Your hair is looking so gorgeous!! Plus this outfit is super duper cute. So Urban Outfitters was crazy on Black Friday? Say it ain't so!! hehe..I'd never go after I saw this crazy Youtube of everyone running into a UO. That's insanity!

  5. just reading your black friday experience wore me out.
    i would never do that.. haha.. people scare me.
    great find on the plaid shirt though. it looks beautiful on you.
    of course, i love your loafers. :)

  6. Oh my goodness, you wear plaid SO WELL, Jasmine! I love this outfit! The shades of blue and gray are wonderful together.
    I went with my mom and sister to the mall at 4 AM and we did SO much shopping. Luckily, we got there at an in between time and were able to get good deals without fighting off a ton of people!

  7. Love this outfit. I have such a hard time shopping in crowds, I don't think I'd ever be able to hack Black Friday. :)

    xo Ashley

  8. Love that plaid top on you, it's real pretty! And the best of luck with the after-holiday-busy-schedule!!

  9. Great to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday :) & I'm in looove with this outfit! Serioulsy!! lol


  10. Aw cute! I love plaid too, so versatile and always chic :)

  11. You are the cutest! I love this outfit - serious score on the plaid shirt. I'm a sucker for anything plaid, especially flannel. I own some version of everything in this outfit so...I will most likely be stealing your idea sooner or later :) I'm applying to grad schools right now, too! I'm waiting to hear back from my first choice school and have two other apps in the works. If you need someone to commiserate with on the stressfulness of it all, I'm in the same boat! Sending you good vibes for your applications xoxo kristin

  12. love the plaid :) wish i lived in cali for the weather!!

  13. Somehow I can't imagine you front row at the opening of Black Friday! Haha it just sounds so crazy and suicidal. @.@ although, knowing me, I'd probably try it at least once if I could. Heeh.

    That is such a fantastic purchase - and a really chic look, if I do say so myself. Like a grown up version of the bow-wearing Jasmine we've all come to love. (: