Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sunday Morning

Robert came back home to visit me over Labor Day weekend, and it was the most perfect weekend I've had in a really long time. It was just so indescribably good to see him again in real life. On Saturday, we shopped for work clothes for him and just relaxed with a movie and online TV. On Sunday, we went to the Great Park flea market as soon as we woke up. I was trying to find some accessories or knick-knacks for my room, but I didn't find anything. Still, it was just fun going up and down the rows of vendors and looking at their junk/treasure piles. I kept seeing things that I would've liked to put in my imaginary apartment. I cannot wait to finish up with grad school and begin life on my own, and when I do, the first place I'm going to go for furniture will be this flea market. It was filled with so many possibilities. Robert was able to score a few vintage Batman and Superman comic books that he's super excited about. After the flea market, we grabbed Japanese BBQ for lunch. I then took him to see my fieldwork site, and next to is a cafe where we got some yummy pastries. To walk off our lunch and dessert, we shopped some more and I scored a pair of trousers from Gap for $17. I really liked my outfit that day. It was just the perfect outfit for the perfect day.

I wore this top again yesterday for the first day of school with our students, and I gotta say...our third graders are awesome! I've been so tired, but it's more of a good, happy tired.

Until next post,
top - francesca's collections
skirt - cotton on
belt - charlotte russe
sandals - h&m
bag - madewell
sunglasses - raybans


  1. Jasmine, I love that top. No wonder you wear it so often! I'm so glad you got this weekend with Robert. It's always nice to have those perfect weekends. PLUS we got to gchat recently which was awesome. :)

    I hope teaching isn't too rough so far! Relax this weekend!! I miss you! <3

  2. You look super cute in this, I do love that top as well. I'm also glad that you got to catch up with Robert again! Helps you ease into the new routine a bit.

    P.s. also so excited for you about the job and stuff :)

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