Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Little Reminders

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'd know that I'm a t-shirt addict. I have an entire drawer of my dresser dedicated to t-shirts, so when all the "Mints" starting coming out, I was really excited about StyleMint. I was lucky to have redeemed a tee on Chictopia via their rewards system, and since have been lusting over their super soft tees but couldn't stomach paying $30 for a t-shirt (however soft they are). So when I saw they were having a sale, I jumped and bought this t-shirt. White tees are a must have for me. I wear one every week and always pack one when I travel. I think it's become tradition that I buy at least one every year around the time school begins. I was obviously all about comfort and dressing to feel good that day with a white tee and my favorite skirt. I picked up this dainty ring from a flea market a few months ago. I really like how simple it is and how it doesn't annoy me like most rings do after a while.

I was feeling a little down last week so I decided to wear these bracelets that I've had for a while. They're just little reminders to have faith and hope that everything's going to be okay. Without Robert around, it's gotten kinda lonely. It's strange doing what used to be our usual things without him. I miss the little things--grabbing lunch, trying to convince him I need something while shopping, telling him things that pop into my mind that instant, etc. I've just been trying to focus on myself--working out, eating healthy, getting ahead in some classes, taking blog pictures on my own, and reading my stack of books on my nightstand. He did get to visit me over this long weekend so I'll be posting about our adventures soon. Today's the first teacher day at my fieldwork site, and tomorrow is the first day of school. Here we go!

Until next post,
t-shirt - stylemint
skirt - francesca's collections
belt - charlotte russe
shoes - aldo
ring - thrifted
bracelets - cotton on
watch - nordstroms


  1. You know what? Reading this I realized I do not even own a plain white tee! Must get onto that. I'm loving the cute boat print on the skirt. Very Jasmine outfit :)

    And don't worry, you'll get more used to spending time alone, and learn more about yourself because of it :)

    Wardrobe Quarry

  2. Being alone, truly alone, is probably the most interesting and fascinating thing I've encountered in the past few years. I never really realized how "alone" I'd feel moving into an apartment where I have multiple nights in a row to myself while my roommate is working and it's taking an adjustment. I've found that like you said, I'm doing the same things I did before we broke up... but alone now. And that's weird. I'm used to just the physical presence of someone being there, to give me opinions and banter with over coffee and clothes. It's also interesting to figure out that I have so much more time to spend hanging out with just myself. It freaked me out at first but I'm figuring it out and now ENJOYING it. I came home from class today, ate vegetables, cleaned my room and vacuumed the entire apartment, put in a load of laundry and worked out for 45 minutes, came back and folded my clothes, did my homework, and now it's only 9pm and I have a stack of books to read ;). I feel like in every sense of the cliche phrase I'm finding myself again and discovering myself. It's exciting, but hard and kind of scary, and I'm sure you're going to kick "alone-time's" butt ;)

  3. It's funny, I don't really wear t-shirts. I think the last time I styled an tee was like three/four years ago? I guess I need to find a style that fits me. On the other note, it's been a long while since I've been fancied by a boy. Too long, really. But within that time, I truly grew up. Whole-heartedly, I found who I am and am more comfortable with myself. I'm sure that the next time you'll see him, it'll be a GRAND affair! Like in the movies ;)