Sunday, January 08, 2012

Weekend Photo Diary VIII

This is different from my usual photo diaries. I didn't bring my camera, but I'm thankful that Robert has an iPhone and Instagram so that I'm able to catch such spontaneous and beautiful moments like these. Robert and I took a spontaneous trip to the beach today to catch the sunset. I love that it's winter and it was still so nice out here in California. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a while. But then again, now that the sun sets so early, I rarely get to enjoy the sun setting because I'm usually at work or running some silly errand on the weekend. The world just finally seemed to stop spinning during that hour, and I was able to calm down from all the stress that has been clouding my mind. Robert brought up that I needed to let go more and stop trying to control every little thing in my life. I think he might be right. It'll be a work-in-progress this year.

I cannot wait to get my own iPhone (in May when my current contract ends) because I'll probably be on Instagram 24/7. It's so much fun! You can still follow me though @jazzyhwang.

PS. Thanks for all your sweet and understand comments on my being-in-a-rut situation! I have the best readers. I actually did take real outfit photos this weekend so look forward to that ;)

Until next post,
blouse - brandy melville
jeans - gap
sunglasses - raybans
purse - madewell


  1. I am so jealous you can go to the beach at the spur of the moment! I miss California :(

    You & Robert are adorable! xo.

  2. Awww you guys are cute! Love these photos!

  3. The sun is huge and the sailboat was in the right spot for this photograph.
    I never would have known these were phone shots.

  4. Love this post!!! So good to see you happy and smiling:)

  5. These pictures of you and Robert are super cute! I love your photo diaries :) x

  6. i want to live where you live. :P
    it looks so beautiful there.
    lovely pictures jasmine.
    have a wonderful week.. <3

  7. Gorgeous photos!! I love random trips. :)


  8. GETTING AN IPHONE IS LIFE CHANGING. I swear! Hahaha, I'm addicted to my phone, if that's even possible?

    I love you in jeans (just saying), you need to wear them more often :) Glad to see you are moving out of the rut, I feel like I'm moving into one, but I think that happens every start of the semester.

    P.S. You and Robert are such cuties!

  9. I LOVE instagram! I'm @cardiganne, and I already follow you! I love iPhone photos, they do make up for lack of a fancy camera when you forget it or just can't fathom lugging one around in certain situations. These photos all look so dreamy+beautiful!

  10. i need to move to cali. these photos are incredible!

  11. These are just so beautiful! Your photos with Robert are especially adorbz. <3

    And wow, do my eyes betray me? Are those jeans?? :D