Saturday, January 21, 2012

So Yesterday

Just popping in for a quick post this weekend with a super basic, casual look that I wore yesterday. There's always something about Fridays that make me want to dress extra casually. And so here I am in a comfy, plain t-shirt and my favorite pin-striped skirt. This week was pretty dramatic so I can't wait to enjoy this weekend, but next week I have so many things to do and so many things to look forward to: I have to finish up my last application and run all the necessary errands for that; Robert's and my 5th anniversary is on Thursday; and next Saturday I'm going up to LA with a friend and Robert to an acapella concert. The weather today--cold and rainy--just makes me want to lounge around in an oversized cardigan and skinny jeans all day. That's probably what I'm going to do. My family's getting ready to go out to eat delicious food so it seems I have to get of bed now. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Until next post,

cardigan - gap
t-shirt - j crew
belt - h&m
skirt - gap
loafers - aldo
sunglasses - rayban
necklace - foreign exchange


  1. i always tend to love the basic, casual looks the best. i think it's because they really let the person wearing the outfit shine through. i love this look, you look darling!

  2. Love the casual look, it always tends to be super comfy which makes me feel just fantastic.

    Loving those tights and the cardigan :]

  3. Love those shoes :)


  4. Oh boy, I hope that you're able to relax a bit this weekend in the midst of two very busy weeks! That shade of blue in your t-shirt is a lovely colour on you (: Happy Chinese New Year! xx

  5. Love the pastels! I've been really into seagreen lately.


  6. Cute look!! Your weekend sounds like a fun time!! Enjoy your new year!

  7. Jazzy J, you are looking cute to boot as always! I love royal blue right now! Apparently it is a big deal for spring... not that that matters... but sometimes feeling on the ball is pretty good, right? 5th anniversary?! What a milestone! Congratulations on so much love!

  8. Sooo cute. Love this casual look.