Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day by Day

There must be something liberating about admitting you're in a rut. I was trying too hard to fight it and to stay in denial that I could blog regularly for a long period of time. After I admitted I was in a rut, the pressure of being a good blogger and a "fashionista" was off. That same day, I was looking through my Tumblr dashboard and saw a girl looking cute in a plain blue dress. I thought to myself that I could easily look like that. Suddenly I was inspired and excited to wear/document/blog this outfit, even though it's not particularly ground-breaking. It was perfect for a day of shopping and working on my applications with Robert. Just like Maggie said on her recent blog post, I too need to dress like I don't have a blog. I have been doing just that recently. Time seems to be slipping right through my fingers. The only good thing about time seeming to pass so quickly is that by Sunday, half of my applications will be done.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
belt - charlotte russe
dress - forever 21
loafers - charlotte russe
necklace - foreign exchange


  1. Aw! I love this outfit!! I really want to start wearing more solids. I was rifling through my closet the other day and realized 99% of what I own is patterned. And sometimes, you can't pull off patterned tights, a patterned cardigan, a patterned scarf, AND a patterned dress ;) hehe! I'm glad you're feeling more inspired:)

  2. This outfit is simply but perfectly cute! I love blue and red together so this is great and you've actually inspired me to put a similar outfit together so thank you! shame i won't be able to wear it bare legged as it's still freezing here. I wore the boat dress yesterday and I've got a few more outfits for it but it'll be back with you by spring at the latest xx

  3. You look absolutely adorable! It looks effortless! That's what makes this look amazing :) Hope your applications go well!

  4. I am loving this dress on you Jasmine!! It's such a good color on you. I agree that sometimes it's just best to dress like no one cares. It's liberating!!

  5. You look great! I love a simply cute outfit. :)


  6. I love that necklace! And I think sometimes simple outfits can look the best.

  7. This is a precious outfit! So simple and easy :)
    & I need to find me a boyfriend who knows how to snap flattering outfit pictures like your bf does!!


  8. Yay, that's great that you were able to be inspired– sometimes it's so unexpected when it happens! The vibrant red is such a great colour on you and it really doesn't seem like winter, looking at your photographs (bare legs!!) I hope you had fun shopping and good luck on the rest of your applications!

  9. That is so true! Sometimes when I feel frustrated/pressured to come up with a nice outfit, I take a step back and think of what I might wear...as "me". Just me, on any given day, without a blog to think about. It really does wonders! Haha.

    Besides, it's outfits like this that got you readers in the first place, right? And you look like you're happy as heck - which is all that matters in the end. :D

  10. Can I just say how beautiful the lighting is in these pictures? It's so soft and it perfectly glows behind you. I love this simple outfit - it screams Jasmine! Sometimes we need really do need to stop dressing for our blog and just dress for ourselves. :)

  11. I've been feeling the exact same way, and have been strongly considering a break from blogging just for the freedom of wearing what I want only for myself, and to figure out where I want my blog to go.
    Anyway, you look beautiful. That dress is lovely on you :)