Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Out On My Own

Whew! What a crazy week it has been already. On Monday, it was raining cats and dogs. Tuesday was such a long day because I had to take a class in the morning, go to work, and end the day with another class. But I finally got some down time this morning to take my own outfit photos before lunch. H&M has recently become my new favorite place to shop. Is it just me or have they really been stepping up their game with great basics that I can't leave the store without? For example...the dress two posts ago, this top, and two other tops I bought recently. I just love that they're versatile and...necessary for my life and my closet. I'm starting to see H&M in a whole new light. I also wanted to take the time to thank you all for sticking by me this month. I promise that I'll be a better blogger from February on. With my last application due on the 31st, this is the final stretch! I'm excited for the future and whatever it holds.

Until next post,
shirt - h&m
belt - forever 21
skirt - zara
loafers - aldo
bracelets - cotton on


  1. Such lovely photos! They remind me of your posts back in the day where you'd be posing in your adorable outfits with just a self-timer. (:

    Oooh good luck Jasmine! I'm excited for you too! <3

    I really wish we had H&M here!!

  2. I ♥ H&M! It's a good thing there's none in Indonesia
    Only shop there when I go to Singapore :)

    You look darling!

    The Sweetest Escape

  3. Aw good luck on your final stretch, Jasmine! You'll do wonderful! And you look completely adorable - I'd wear this outfit in a heartbeat! Miss you xo

  4. good luck jasmine!!
    still jealous of your H&M finds.. ;P
    they should really start selling online.

  5. Go Jasmine Go! :)

    I definitely have the same H&M blouse except it's all wrinkly and... wrinkled because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to iron. Such an adorable look and eek! I'm addicted to H&M as well :(

  6. Sorry the week's been hectic, but I know you can make it! That blouse is really wonderful, and I can see it going with pretty much everything! Looking lovely as always :)

  7. Really loving the simpleness of this outfit :) I have yet to style a white button up shirt like that, now I'm inspired!! & good luck w/ applications!! I'll def keep my fingers crossed.


  8. That's such a cute floral print! It's really colourful, but not too loud either. I've always liked H&M, but now it's become my most temptation store, I have to watch my wallet super carefully whenever I go inside it. Good luck with you final application and I hope that you have a nice weekend! xx

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  10. cute outfit! and you should wear shirts more often! xxx