Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just a Feeling

Winter has finally hit CA. Anything lower than 60-degrees and I become the biggest wimp. But the cold hasn't stopped me from celebrating a little for finishing half of my applications on Sunday. On Monday, I went shopping with some girl friends. I got this dress and a top from H&M (I had a gift card so I don't feel so bad). Robert seems to think this dress is like an optical illusion with all the stripes, but it's really comfortable, has an exposed zipper in the back, and it has pockets. I love that it's black and white so it's a blank canvas for color accents. It's going to be one of those easy dresses to wear on random days, or when I might need to look a little nice but I don't wanna try all that hard.

I've been feeling like I'm on the top of the world, and at rock bottom lately. I've started to lose weight again since I've been jogging in the mornings. But I have one last application that will be haunting me for the rest of January, I got my first speeding ticket yesterday, and there are just some personal stuff going on too. This year is off to a crazy start. I just want January and applications to be over so I can enjoy life relatively stress-free again. Chinese New Year is coming up so maybe that'll be my true fresh start.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
dress - h&m
belt - h&m
purse - madewell
loafers - aldo
ring - etsy


  1. Your seriously one of my favorite fashion bloggers because your comfortable putting yourself out there emotionally and physically. You look awesome I am sending good vibes your way for a happier Febuary

  2. Aw so sorry to hear that there is so much going on for you! Hope you can fight the speeding ticket at least. And lastly, adorable outfit! That red bow belt accentuates your outfit nicely : )

  3. I adore the belt and shoes. Love your style :)

  4. i loooooove that dress. ugh. i really wish they had more H&M's.. :P
    the 3hr drive to the nearest one to me is kind of boring.
    you look adorable as always.
    sorry to hear about all the stress...hope it gets better. <3333

  5. Adorable as always Jazzy, I hope everything gets sorted out for you, when things seem bad, they'll get better, always! Happy early Chinese New Year, hope you get tons of red pocket money ;) Hahha, I'm bad.

    Lots of love! xo

    P.S. Love the Madewell tote, I wish the shipping rates weren't so expensive for us Canadian folk.

  6. I hope all the craziness of your week settles down for you. And congrats on getting half your apps done!! This is big news for you!! Are you applying to any east coast schools? (i had to ask)....

    And if you need to release any frustrations send me an email. We haven't conversed in forever!! :) Miss you!!

  7. Oh Jasmine! Life can be tough and stressful sometimes. I had a little freak out this week because with my last year of university, a job, a new relationship, and something of a social life I've been feeling like there is too much on my plate and I can't relax, so I feel like I can empathize. I think the best thing to do is take on one little thing at a time and don't think about everything at once like you have to get it all done that instant. Also, you are beautiful! I think you are such a gorgeous woman, inside and out, and I am always in awe of your stylish and adorable photos. You da best! Dont' give up!

  8. I feel you on the highs and lows lately. :( Just stay strong, my dear!! It will always get better!


  9. Winters in California sound least in the not having to pile on layer upon layer aspect. Dresses that have pockets are the best! Good luck with your last application (darn speeding ticket D:) and I hope you have a great CNY! xx

  10. aww i hope things start to look up for you soon!

  11. cute dress! i love dresses with pockets :) & cali winters sounds so nice! so jealous of the weather over there! and gluck with all the apps! :)

  12. I love striped dresses! They're so fun and easy to wear. You look wonderful, and I hope you feel better soon lady <3

  13. The outfit is darling :)

    & I'm definitely with you on about this year beginning with a crazy start. There's some good, but with good always comes some bad. But let's keep our fingers crossed that some ah-mazing ventures lie ahead!!


  14. Yout belt is so cute. I'm a huge fan of bows !

  15. You are adorable, the bow belt really 'makes' this outfit. Love the whole thing. Hope your life settles in a little for the Chinese new year :)

  16. i love this outfit soo much! i hope everything gets better!

  17. Gosh, what an incredible look! It's both cute and sophisticated, which is really what you've been going for lately. I just love it!