Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Weekend Photo Diary VII

Another one of my resolutions is to use my camera more than just for my blog. Yesterday, my friends and I enjoyed each other's companies and the beautiful weather by walking around the lake and taking pictures on our cameras. One of them now has my old DSLR and the other now has my old 50mm lens. I love that we have another thing to keep us close and to do together. I hope to do more of these photo diaries through out the year. I started doing them in the Summer because I was funemployed and had all the time and occasions to use my camera, but I want to continue taking pictures because I really do enjoy it. I live in such a beautiful city and have such beautiful friends, so I'm just out of excuses not to accomplish this resolution.

Until next post,


  1. This is adorable Jazzy :) I've definitely got a similar resolution down, to carry my DSLR more often!

    P.S. Gotta love the 50mm lens for awesome bokeh!

  2. I love these pictures - they're absolutely stunning! Can I also just point out that you're wearing JEANS on your blog? Wear them more often because you look simply awesome in them. Also, I want to steal your necklace and blouse. WHY AM I NOT IN THESE PICTURES? Tempted to photoshop myself in...

  3. I have always LOVED your weekend photo diaries, Jasmine! It's fun to see your life in pictures and read about it! I also secretly love seeing what people wear when they aren't taking blog photos. It's just one of those things that's really cool to me!

  4. Pretty bokeh in the last photograph! I also really like the one of the sunset too. Hope that you continue to post photo diary posts as they're quite nice to look at and to get a glimpse at what you're up to. Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Hooray! :):) I just made a flickr to take pics of more things other than just food too!! haha come to LA, so many things to photograph there!

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