Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gotta Get Thru This

This whole week I was so uninspired by my closet, but today I really felt like looking cute and taking outfit photos. This outfit came to together quickly and I set out on my own again to take photos after lunch and my eye exam. I probably should have waited for the dilation of my eyes to wear off before I took pictures though because it was hard for me to keep my eyes open in the bright light and to look closely at the camera to see if I was in focus. But I think the pictures turned out alright anyway. The elementary school where I took these photos was just newly remodeled. I love the new bricks and will probably be visiting this place regularly to take pictures over the weekend. Once my applications are all turned in at the end of the month, I hope that I can take outfit pictures more often because I think I'm getting better at taking them on my own. It's also pretty cathartic too to have that time to myself.

Daniel Bedingfield's "Gotta Get Thru This" has definitely been my anthem this past week. My writer's block finally unclogged and I've been writing my personal statements with so much more ease than before. By tomorrow half of my apps will be submitted and I am so relieved that this misery is almost over. Thank you for sticking by me through this process. I'll make it up to you all once this is over. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
lace top - h&m
skirt - urban outfitters
belt - urban outfitters
bracelet - jewelmint
shoes - charlotte russe


  1. I really like the soft blue and pink together. I have the same cardigan, but I never know what to wear it with. I'm too stuck in my dark colors.
    Best of luck on all your apps!

  2. You look so pretty!!! I love the color of that skirt. And the bracelet is too cute. Glad to hear you're feeling inspired again!

  3. I love these outfit! Your palette with the soft colors and gold is great. Stay strong on those apps! :)


  4. Ummm, will you please tell Niklaas about that bracelet? He has yet to get me a Christmas present. Hehe! I love it!! I love the pastel colors, too. And the lace top is perfect!! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR APPS!! YOU CAN DO IT! <3

  5. Wooo, definitely nice to hear that you no longer have writer's blog and that you're getting through your personal statements; it must be so pleasant to know that this time tomorrow half your applications will be done and over with. Best wishes for the other half (: (P.S. That's such a cute bracelet!!)

  6. I'm loving these self-portraits! You look adorable in all these pastel shirts (and of course that lace top I love). AND HOW PERFECT IS THAT BRACELET FOR YOU? Taking self-portraits is always a great form of therapy. I want to take some today but the cold just makes me want to stay indoors and not have to deal with self-timer and focusing. My fingers would fall off :P

  7. this is a perfectly adorable outfit. i love the details like your bracelet and belt!

  8. Aww, keep on keeping on Jasmine! I know you can get through all of those applications and essays! Also, this outfit is so adorable. I love your skirt! :)

  9. soft pastels together are always the cutest... makes me wonder why i don't wear them all the often (or ever). they look really lovely on you, though! everything just looks really delicate and sweet. :)

    good luck on your apps!