Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Blog/Style Resolutions 2012

I was pretty good about my 2011 style resolutions, so I'm going to make a few for this year...

1. Less skirts and dresses, more shorts and pants...on the blog.
2. Stop being a brand-whore.
3. Be better at layering, and mixing colors/patterns.


My blog resolutions this year are to...
1. Take it easy more and let the posts and outfits come naturally.
2. Read blogs that inspire me instead of ones that make me feel jealous or inadequate.
3. Take pictures in different locations other than the park and the lake.
4. Be better at commenting back on your blogs!
5. Meet more bloggers from Southern California.

What are your style and/or blog resolutions this year?

Until next post,


  1. That is a slovely list Jasmine :) I hope you can reach all these goals! I'd love to meet up with bloggers from my area too :) But I'm too scared, haha ^^ x

  2. Lovely list, I want to do more outfit posts on my blog.

  3. Yay! I have a lot of similar ones. ESPECIALLY taking it easy and letting outfits come easily. I find that I like my outfits more when I'm not planning on taking pictures of them later! And they're usually the audience's favorites, too! I want to meet you. Le sigh.

  4. Oh goodness, I completely agree with your resolutions. Between the lack of comments on my posts lately and reading other blogs, I've been feeling quite inadequate with my outfits lately, and I just want to stop worrying so much about what other people think and just wear what I want. Good luck with your resolutions, my dear :)

  5. I agree with all of your points. Being bloggers, we all feel a responsibility to post regularly and only the best posts. But that always leads me to lack of motivation and excitement and long periods of hiatus! Letting posts come naturally is a must.

  6. What a good list of resolutions! Okay, I am quite looking forward to seeing you wear more pants on the blog along with hoping you DO take it easier. ^^ Mmm I want to try to post more non-studio-related things and maybe try outfit posts? I feel shy though, haha. Good luck with your resolutions, will be "fighting" for you throughout the year!

  7. Blah, I haven't been great about replying to comments lately either and I HATE that because they really do make my day, every single time. Good luck with your list this year - keep us posted!! :)

  8. I love all your resolutions, especially number 2! I'm going to have to do a big clean out of my bloglovin feed this year - some blogs aren't worth reading if they make you feel jealous and insecure! That shouldn't be what blogging is about. :) Can't wait to see your style resolutions take shape on the blog!

  9. Great list. Happy 2012.