Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Does It








outfit: cardigan -- gap; top, skirt -- h&m; belt -- charlotte russe; headband -- target; shoes -- aldo

I've lost a few followers recently. This used to send me into a spiral of self-pity/-loathing/-questioning/-etc. It's hard not to take it personally when this is a personal style blog, but as I get more comfortable and confident with myself, I'm caring less and less. Losing a follower doesn't make my style any less good. I probably don't even know him/her so why should I care if he/she doesn't like my style. But sometimes I can't help but wonder why they unfollowed me. I think one of the things I need to work on is my variety. I do love my cardigan-top-skirt-flats-hair accessory combo, a little too much. I can't help it. It's just too easy, full-proof, and comfortable. I've been in this plateau for so long. I owe it to myself and to you loyal followers to grow as a blogger and challenge myself; and as I lose more weight (officially made it to the 15-pounds loss this Sunday. Woo!), I'm becoming more and more willing to try new things. I bought a few pair of shorts recently, which brings me one step closer to pants/jeans. My closet is slowly evolving into more a well-rounded one--less stripes; more florals and lace, like this pretty new cropped tank from H&M's Conscious Collection. I'm really horrible with change so dear readers, please bear with me as I work on trying new looks. I promise a look with shorts sometime this week.

Spring fever is still burning as strong as ever. H&M has become my new favorite store with their ample supply of soft pastels, delicate laces, and dainty florals. Robert hates this cropped lace tank, but I'm hopelessly in love with it. It's yet another and better option to wearing a plain white tee (always looking for those kinds of tops). Blush pink has also stolen my heart and if you know me--I am not a pink girl, but there's just something so sweet and not so girly about blush pink. This skirt was $10 so I couldn't help but get it in a mint green too. Can you believe I found this wooden, floral headband at Target in the dollar section? Just when I thought Target couldn't get any better, it does. Today was my first day of my spring break off of work. Robert and I just relaxed with some shopping (I picked up a pair of sandals and a pair of floral shorts); some snuggling; and lots of hand holding. We're hoping to make it to the beach sometime this week. I'm so looking forward to that!

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  1. Such a lovely lace top! I hope you have a great spring vacation. Sounds like it's off to a great start. =)

    -Erin (http:/keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  2. congrats on the weight loss!!
    you look beautiful as always jasmine.
    i am a sucker for all things pale pink..
    i do not take losing a follower personally..i know not everyone is not going to like my style of clothing or even the way i write post..to each their own. :)
    i <3 you..

  3. I LOVE the cropped lace top. It's very pretty and looks perfect with the blush pink skirt.

    As far as followers are concerned, I just try to look at things from my perspective AS a follower. I can only read so many blogs at once and there are lots of great blogs out there, so I can see why people need to pare down/optimize their reading lists from time to time to better suit their personal preferences.

  4. I love this outfit, Jasmine! The light pink color of your skirt is adorable, and I think I need to track down one of those lace crop tops for myself!

    Also, don't fret about losing followers. It happens to everyone and has nothing to do with you or your style. Your outfits are always some of my favorites, so I think you're doing a great job :)

  5. You look so damn cute in this outfit! The skirt is just adorable! xx

  6. You look fabulous, Jasmine! This outfit is exactly the kind of outfit that I'm crazy for this spring. And I can see changes with your weight loss. Congrats!

    And please don't worry so much about followers. I think it's more important to have a close circle of followers than 1000+ followers :)

  7. This is my first time commenting on your blog.
    But I just have to say I love your outfit. SO cute. The lace top and the pink skirt is my idea of a perfect outfit.
    You look lovely. :)

  8. That lace top and pink skirt with your headband are just too perfect! Love it :]

  9. Stop looking so pretty in all your pastels and lace! You're making me want to try some of both trends right now...which is making me want to shop. It's horrible.

    You're looking so lovely though and I can really see the differences (both physically and mentally) due to your weight loss challenge! You're doing beautifully and I applaud you for caring less about the loss of followers (I lost a follower after I posted up my VLOG - guess I'm a little too awkward and weird in person but that's alright, haha) :)

    Can't wait to see you style up some shorts!

  10. 15 lbs????? WOW, do share your tips and tricks :D I'm exercising but I don't really watch what I eat, so there goes that :P

    Ahhh.. so this is the new lace top from the new H&M collection. SO PRETTY! I don't think I saw this at my regular H&M store! Or maybe it's hidden under piles and piles of billowy dresses. Good buy, Jasmine. It's feminine and versatile, a great addition to your closet :)

    I'm getting used to losing followers, too. You're right, losing them doesn't mean that our style is bad. It is a personal style blog after all. What works for us doesn't always work for someone else. I'm glad that I have the support of other blogger friends (such as YOU) who will support me and my blog no matter what :) Yay for friendship!


  11. Congrats on your weight loss! You're looking as beautiful as always!

    I really love the combination of the lace top with the pink skirt. There's nothing I want more than an H&M near where I live, but the closest is two hours away and not even the thought of new clothes is worth that.

    I can't wait to see your shorts!

  12. Oh my goodness, could I love you anymore Jasmine? Probably not.

    1. I love you and your blog and no matter if you have one follower or 1000 it doesnt matter because you are amazing. I love that you are true to your style and to yourself. Readers will come and readers will go but remember you do this for you and noone else. Have fun with it! And dont let them get you down. I always think about my blog "I need more variety, I just wear tights, leathr jacket and boots!" but really...who cares?! Love you lady.
    2. CONGRATS about the weight loss. I am so so so proud of you. Wow, good job on sticking to your guns. You look fantastic. Seriously.
    3. I love seeing you in these light colors for Spring. You put me in such a good mood just now. I already said I love you, right? ;)


  13. love your color palette. wish there was an H&M nearer to me! the crop top is very pretty..

  14. Gorgeous lace top :) Love it paired with the soft pink skirt

    I unfollowed a bunch of blogs when I stopped using google friend connect. Are you keeping track of ppl who read you via feeds? e.g. Feedburner will allow you to do that.

    I don't think losing followers every once in a while is necessarily a reflection on your style or variety in posts.

    I for one really enjoy your style and although stretching yourself and trying new things sounds great the most important thing is that you feel at home in your clothes. Don't change your style for blog variety - it's you we want to see and I can never get enough of your cardigans :D

    That said it is hard not to take it personally when your readership goes down. I've had quite a drop in traffic recently myself but while it might be lack of variety I think it might just be spring. The great outdoors is calling :)

  15. I love pink!
    Also, lovely outfit. As usual. You're rockin' it.
    RE: The whole losing followers thing... yeah, who cares really. I'm a reader forever. I love how you don't succumb to trends too much, and how you have a distinct style. When I see an outfit you have I think, "Oh my god it's so Jasmine" haha. I haven't found my ~style yet, but you're an inspiration!

    Keep blogging!


  16. The cropped top immediately caught my eye as something new to you:) I love it! And I know how you feel about losing followers. I get that way too. Like I'm doing something wrong. So you are not alone. I love your blog and always will, but mainly because I find you to be a beautiful person inside and out. You could be wearing a potato sack and I'd still read your blog! hehe:)

  17. Oooooh I love how romantic this look is with the pink and the cream/white! I love the shade of pink of your skirt! Don't worry Jasmine, it could be that some people might have deleted their accounts, but you shouldn't take the loss of followers personally! Just keep doing your thing, your blog is for you, not to serve us readers with entertainment, hahaha! Mix up and change your style for YOU! As long as it represents you and your style!

  18. I bought the same skirt as you and the same in mint green too! it was impossible not to, right? anyway, you look positively adorable!

  19. I, too, am in love with your lace top! I've kind of been hunting for one for agesss. Sucks not to have an H&M here. Anyway! This is such a wonderful look Jasmine. Although it involves a lot of the things you normally wear, I do still think it's different and interesting!

    It's nice to hear you're making an effort to evolve as a blogger (this is always good in my book). Just don't ever lose your lovely self, okay? And those who truly love your style (ahem, like me :D) will stay put, so don't you worry about that. <3

    I remember a time when you were all about shorts + tights. Seems so long ago now! Haha. Can't wait to see this little "resurrection". (;

  20. So cute! That dress is so girly, you look so pretty! Don't worry you loose some you win some followers like me, fell for your girly girl style, see you around!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  21. Love skirt+top+cardigan+ accessory combo. You can never never go wrong, unless you have horrid matching issues. I love how that's what you usually wear. There are so many ways to switch it up :)

    That pink skirt + lace top is perfection. Boys are so silly.

  22. I think this outfit looks so comfy and wonderful. I don't know why, but I'm always nervous to wear skirts. I've started to wear dresses (well this one dress that I have) a little more because it is so comfortable! I should really venture out in that avenue!

    Congrats on the 15 pounds! :D Can't wait to see more on your blog!!
    --Ciara ':D