Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bittersweet Life

It feels weird to be settling back into the swing of things after such an exciting weekend in New York. I mean just one big post and it's all over...

But after dropping my 11:00 art class, I will definitely be able to post more outfits (at least on Mondays and Wednesdays). The weather here is so bizarre! It's as if during my 6-hour flight home on Monday, California's pathetic attempt at a winter skipped over spring and brought in summer. I mean I had the fan in my room on in the afternoon...Ridiculous! I didn't need to wear tights for warmth in today's 80-degree weather, but I don't think my legs are ready to see daylight just yet...


(wearing: red striped crop top -- forever 21; chambray skirt, saddle oxfords -- urban outfitters; patterned tights -- target; flower accessory -- h&m)

I told you I'd recreate what I wore to the conference soon! Even though this isn't exactly what I wore, it's pretty close. I actually should've worn much better, but ah well! I really wish this top wasn't a crop-top so that I could wear it sans anything-high-waisted, but at least it matches all my skirts! I think if I find a bodysuit to go underneath it, I could wear it with anything and everything! This top will definitely be in heavy rotation during spring and summer! I'm kind of annoyed that a "trend" for spring and summer is stripes...I mean there was a whole window display at H&M for stripes. I guess it'll be nice to have more options while shopping, but it'll definitely be frustrating looking like everyone else...Ah well, trends here come and go, but I will forever be obsessed with stripes (and bows, and cardigans....).


I don't know why but when I got home from New York, I had this intense need to wear a pair of patterned tights--it must've been because all of the girls' were rocking them in New York. And since I only have one pair of patterned tights (I really want to get more now...), this is the outfit I came up with! This has got to be one of my favorite outfits of mine. It's like...Jasmine 2.0! Haha!


In New York, I didn't feel self-conscious at all when I wore my bows in my hair. Here, I get weird stares from passing girls, and approving smiles from grandmas and mothers. Psh. I've learned to ignore them now that hair bows have become such a signature part of my outfits, and mostly because I just love them! The hot weather today definitely made me long for spring/summer so I decided to wear a flower in my hair instead!


Today I scored an Holga Film Camera at Urban Outfitters on sale! I absolutely cannot wait to experiment with film! With film, every. shot. counts. because you only get one chance. I also can't wait to get fish-eye lenses and things for it too! Eek!

Until next post,


As promised, I will list seven random facts about myself from an award given to me by the lovely Annie from, Time Enough for Drums:

1. For as long as I can remember, I've only gotten my hair cut at a salon once. Ever since I was a kid, my mom has been cutting my hair. During a time when my mom was unemployed, she decided to make the most of her time off and went to beauty school so our family would save tons of money. She's been cutting all of our hair ever since.

2. I really want a dog--a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, that I will name Stumpy. Today I saw three brand new corgi puppies in the pet store. I just wanted to walk out with all three of them. They just melt my heart every single time!

3. In the mornings, I shower and then I brush my teeth. Don't really know how this habit formed...

4. I was on my high school's yearbook staff as an Editor of the Senior Section and as a writer, not a photographer. Weird how things change...

5. One day, I want to have all of the books in the Boxcar Children and The Babysitters' Club series. I loved those books as a child. This summer I will start scouring used bookstores!

6. My favorite book as a kid was Matilda. I love the book and the movie--one of the best book-based movies ever! Second favorite--The Giving Tree.

7. I still secretly wish Brittany and Justin will get back together, and also N*SYNC; though..I think I always liked Backstreet Boys better...

And I pass this Creative Blogger Award along to...

1. Sybil, from Animated Confessions
2. Mel, from Curious Mel
3. Jess, from Lack of Creativity (hehe oh the irony!)
4. Kristy, from Monochromochic
5. Coco, from Our Paper Moon
6. Pauline, from Paulinabelle
7. Tieka, from Selective Potential


  1. I LOVED MATILDA. Just throwin' that out there... :P Gosh your outfits are always so so so adorable, I love how you have your own signature. Whenever I go out, I always see articles of clothing that remind me of different bloggers, and trust me, a bunch of them always get me right back to you! I didn't know that your mom cuts your hair, that's a neat-o fact!! My mom used to cut my hair, but her eyesight isn't as great as before, so now we go back to the lady that we've gone to since I was 6 years old! Which reminds me... I'm due for a haircut soon...! I LOVE YOUR TIGHTS. BLARGHHHH, if I wasn't always decked out in Canadian gear, I would be wearing tights (minus the fan)! I've missed your posts and thanks a bunch for the award! I have sooo many that I need to get on, whoops :P <3 xo

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  3. you must have the cutest casual california style i've seen... you look completely comfortable in your skin and it shows! red/blue is a fantastic combination and your hair cut complete with rosy bow [i love that your mother can do that!] is fantastic...

    i truly love reading your blog and can't wait for more outfit posts, now that you have a bit more freetime :)


  4. thanks for the award :D and excuse me, 80-degree weather???WHHAAATTT???? we wont have that here until July:( anywhoodles, i really love your tights in this look (and the striped shirt, but that's given!:p) do you miss NYC?:)

  5. So jealous of your warm weather. You look adorable here!

    Stop by my blog to enter my giveaway!

  6. nice blog! :D I LIKE IT sooooo ;O)))))

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    kiss from germany ;*)

  7. first of all, 80 degree weather? what's going on over there? it must've felt bipolar going from nyc weather with the snow to 80! btw, i'm loving this sweet little flower in your hair. and you know stripes are only huge now because everyone saw you wearing them :P

    and i have to say...HOW WEIRD IS IT THAT I SHARE SO MANY OF YOUR RANDOM FACTS? i really want a welsh corgi too (or a husky, oh they're gorgeous), i shower and then brush my teeth too, i adore the boxcar children, i read matilda over and over and over again, and i DEFINITELY thought i was the only one who wanted to see britney to get with justin again.

    this is just trippy, haha. :)

  8. Okay, I've sent you something so now you have to send me something...some of that warm weather! PLEASE!

  9. i know! it's summer here already!! hehe. i LOVE (well used to love) the babysitter's club series. i loved the superspecials the most! haha!!!

  10. I totally know what you mean about stripes. I have a love-love relationship with stripes and wear them basically ever single day (rarely is there an exception). It's really not a conscious decision, I just wear what I like to! I just really don't want to see all the girls wearing stripes this summer. They're taking my style!

  11. I love stripes!!! You look fab.

    Congrats on the award! I loved reading these 7 things about you!

    Don't forget to enter to win a tankini of your choice!

  12. I just found your blog and I love it! :) You are soo cute I am glad you like saddle shoes too, lol I always feel rory gilmore in them.

    I love the outfit, it might finally push me to buy a striped top :)

    Oh and I loved the backstreet boys too. I wanted to marry Brian, which one was your favorite?

  13. I know the weather is so crazy! Yesterday it was so hot and now it's back to foggy. Oh well. I love your red top! You can try Urban Outfitters or Target for more patterned tights. I saw a bunch at UO the other day. Whoa weird I just looked up Matilda on Wikipedia yesterday to read the summary (totally forgot the story), but I remember loving it as a kid too! I remember reading one Boxcar Children story over and over again. I guess it never occurred to me to buy another book in the series...hmm. Aww thanks Jasmine for the award! You're so sweet :)

  14. love your outfit so much, the pattern on your tights is great!

    lovelove, M.

  15. I love the outfit!!! You look tres chic.

    I love Matilda, too! :)

  16. I'm so jealous that you're experiencing 80 degree weather... I'm not too far from NYC, thus still cold :( and your oxfords are adorable!

  17. i love this outfit, jasmine!!!! those patterned tights look amazing on you! :D

    thanks for the award. i really need to make myself catch up with posts and updates. hahaha!

  18. LOVE this!! Those tights look so amazing on you! I can't believe you went from NYC's freezing temps to your 80 degrees! Lucky you! I was so happy with our 35 degrees today! Hahah!

  19. oh! ive always wanted a pembroke welsh corgi too! haha whenever i tell people that theyre like what the heck kindofa dog is that. aw thank you for the award :]

  20. I am totally out of it as well... NYC was so amazing that my bf seems almost as eager to go back as I do!!!

  21. the rose in your hair looks cute:),combination of black skirt and striped t-shirt is gorgeous.

  22. hi, im juuust discovering your blog via Chictopia 10, congrats again for such an amazing oppurtunity, your entry letter was sooo sweet! You're adorable and I'm happy I found you :)

  23. Love the cute flower in your hair, great detail!