Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Under the Bridge

Even though these photos were only taken on Monday, they feel so long ago because now it's gloomy, rainy, and chilly. I guess Fall has finally arrived in California after all! I recently did a close look at my bank account transactions and realized just how much money I do spend/waste on clothes and other silly things. I'm really going to try to cut back like I did during the Summertime when I was unemployed for a little while. Just because I have a good job now doesn't mean I be more wasteful, so that means more remixing and less impulse buying. When I'm hopefully in grad school and in my own place next year, I can't afford to buy things only to wear them once--like this sailboat printed top that I insisted that I had to have. Also as a way to reward/punish myself, I'm really trying not to buy clothes (dresses/bottoms/tops) in general until I have reached another milestone in my weight loss journey, which has annoyingly remained pretty static for months now. It's crazy how many skirts (and clothes in general) I've accumulated since I bought this particular skirt--which was my second high-waisted skirt ever. Besides I'm looking to buy myself a new computer soon since I've had my precious and loyal Macbook for about 5 years now and it's just beginning to slow down. I want to get an iMac since I've never had a desktop to myself before; and those ain't cheap so time to get savin'!

PS. I'll be putting my outfit details down below from now on!
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Until next post,

sailboat print top - urban outfitters
chambray skirt - urban outfitters
yellow bow belt - etsy
sandals - swedish hasbeens x h&m


  1. Your bow belt is SO cute. I love anything with sailboats too. This is an adorable end-of-summer look!

  2. i def. need to cut back on everything.
    it is so hard. ugh. food & rent is our main money drainer. blah.
    i have been such a bad blogger and not commenting on your blog. :(
    sorry..i <3 you.
    you look beautiful jasmine. you always have the best quirky tops. i love the sailboat print.

  3. Oh gosh. You're going to LOVE this. I have this shirt, too, and told myself i NEEEEDED it. I haven't worn it once. Ah!

  4. Awww...I know how you feel:) Only I live on my own and pay boring bills so my spending has greatly decreased since becoming married 4 years ago. Ahhh...I remember going shopping every weekend with money to blow at the mall.

    And I am loving that blouse by the way!! You should wear it more often!

  5. love that belt

  6. At first I thought those were polka dots, but then I realized they were little sail boats- couldn't be cuter! And I can totally relate to the crazy weather changes here in California lately! I broke out the tights for the first time today! :)

  7. Haha I can see why you felt like you HAD to have that top; it's adorable! I wonder how many nautical-themed pieces you already own? Hmm. (:

    Ugh. I ought to start saving, too, and stop wasting my money on every "cute" thing that I see! @.@ good luck Jazzy, I hope you get to buy your iMac sooooon. <3

  8. What a truly perfect location for your oh-so nautical outfit! <3 I especially love your bow belt!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. You are such a cutie-pie! I love this color scheme, you look great in yellow!

  10. I love it! You rock the high-waisted skirt for real.

    I told myself I wouldn't buy any new clothes until I lost ten pounds, but since then I've bought 2 pairs of shoes, a skirt, a shirt and a tunic ^^;
    ... but I NEEDED THEM! haha (and I still haven't lost the ten pounds, but I'm getting there!)

  11. That skirt is adorable! And I love your cheery little bow belt :)
    I've been feeling the same way about my spending habits lately. I mean, I'm working and making money for the first time in my life, and I'm kind of hyper-aware of how much money I'm making and spending. I really should stop buying so much, but I just bought a new pair of shoes the other day. Whoops!

  12. Aww this is such a cute outfit! I love your top and belt and those shoes look amazing!

    Join my giveaway♥

  13. Okay, you are ADORABLE!!!! I love this look on you and the belt is the perfect touch!