Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Before Sundown

I absolutely love the lighting in these photos! Usually Robert and I take photos in the mornings before work since when this great late afternoon light is happening, I'm at work; but over the weekend, we finally caught this great lighting! I was so excited at this chance that I threw on the first outfit that came to mind and ran out the door. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've been pretty good at remixing my clothes lately. There just doesn't seem to be anything appealing in stores right now, so I just have to continue to make due with what I have.

Can you believe Halloween is next week? Are you guys dressing up? I usually don't dress up, but it seems to be a pretty big deal at work so this year I just might get into the Halloween spirit.

Until next post,
top - charlotte russe
skirt - h&m
shoes - urban outfitters
yellow belt - gap


  1. Love the touch of yellow from your belt! It accentuates your outfit beautifully :)

  2. You're looking very lady-like here, Jasmine. The lighting, scenery and reflections are a perfect match for it.

  3. Those ducks are cute and I love your shoes! You're lucky you can dress up at work, we can't, it's a bummer.


  4. Very pretty photos!! I'm excited for Halloween!! Like seriously:) It's a big to-do in our village. There's masquerades, a zombie race, a zombie bar crawl, the local theatre plays old halloween classics. It's a good time!! So do you have an idea of what you'll be? I'm going as Velma from Scooby Do.

  5. Ah you look SO cute! I need to start remixing again... darn. Teach me some tricks? I've been so stressed that all I can think about it sleep and caffeine. Hehe. :)

  6. UH-dorable! I love the pop of yellow! And I can relate to lighting issues, I usually end up taking photos after work, and during the summer the sun is just blah, but now since it's getting darker sooner, the ambience is so much more dramatic and interesting :]

    I'm going to be a Steampunk Marie Antoinette for Halloween! ... I also have a cat costume (much less effort haha) for work!

  7. So cute! Loving your polkadot top :) I have been wanting to take pictures at sun set too but never get home in time! so sad :( x

  8. What beautiful photos, Jasmine! And I love your outfit. The bow detailing on your sleeves is just lovely. Also, I think sometimes the best outfits are the ones we just kind of throw together! I can put together eighty different outfits in one morning, and not be happy with any of them, but if I just throw on the first thing that comes to mind and run out the door, it usually works!