Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Real life is taking over! Now I can understand why people don't seem to have the time to mull over their outfits on a daily basis because I'm slowly losing that time to school, work, and graduate school applications. I'm so sorry I've been neglecting this blog, but Fall is usually the busiest time for me every year. I've been shopping way less than normal lately, and when I do shop, I've been buying practical clothes (ie. basics) that are good for work. It just seems silly to be buying clothes to wear exclusively for photo shoots or hopeful events and not to work (which is real and everyday), so I've stopped that mindset (my bank account thanks me) and now I just have to make due with what I have. I've been unmotivated to get dressed up because I want to wear Fall things, but it still doesn't feel like Fall around here. Oy, this whole paragraph is just big, fat excuse of why I've been a bad blogger. So getting to the point: I'm sorry and I will try to be better. I have some exciting things coming up on the blog as soon as I find the time to take pictures: a new dynamic duo and styling up some items that I've swapped with fellow bloggers.

While my blogging-life may be kinda grim, my real life is actually really wonderful right now. I am in love with my job and all my students. I seriously wish I worked more than I do!

And the winner of my Fall giveaway is... #13 BESTIE. Congrats sweetie! I'll be emailing you for details soon!

Until next post,

military jacket - gap
fox printed top - urban outfitters
red skirt - urban outfitters
boots - topshop


  1. you always have the best prints on your clothing.
    i am in love with that fox top. i wish there was a UO near me.
    maybe it is a good thing that i do not have one. :)
    i have been neglecting my blog and commenting on blogs as well.
    real life does get in the way and it is okay! :)
    you look beautiful jasmine.

  2. Good luck with everything ! It's fab to be loving life :) Oh and your hair looks stunning in these photos.

  3. I love when you wear the jacket, you look great in army green. It doesn't feel like fall here either so I haven't been inspired to dress "fall-ish" yet either. I don't count it as "Fall" until the leaves have all changed colors and are falling. Maybe November :)


  4. That fox top is insanely cute! You look great as always, and I'm also coveting your ankle boots -- I love their color and style.

  5. I'm glad that your real life is going well right now (: That's great! You look quite content in the pics ^^

  6. You are always looking wonderful. Love your skirt and shoes


  7. I love that fox print! I know what you mean about lack of time, any blogging I do at the moment seems like too much of a luxury xo

  8. I LOVE the fox shirt and your outfit is put together so perfectly! LOVE IT!!

  9. This is totes one of your best outfits Jasmine! Ever! I just love it. The colors are amazing and they all go perfectly together. <3

    I hope your busy busy schedule isn't too stressful for you love! And thanks again for ze goodies. Can't wait to get - and use - them. :D

  10. AHH YOU LOOK SO CUTE! I agree though, fall is absolutely hectic for me as well! I've been doing shopping (not much), but for the same things as you, basics! Can't deny a good ol' closet filled with basics :)!

    Hope your weekend has been going well xo!