Thursday, December 23, 2010

Minty Green




outfit: striped top and skirt -- j crew; tights -- gap; belt and shoes -- topshop; bow -- f21

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last outfit that wasn't very me. But this definitely me. This is the last of my Vegas outfits. We took photos on our last walk on Las Vegas Blvd. I bought most of my outfit while shopping at the outlet on Friday. The J Crew store was having an amazing sale that day and I just couldn't help myself in buying two striped tops, this skirt, and a pair of maroon tights. If you don't already know, green is my favorite color and I'm so happy that I've been finding ways to wear it recently, like my green cardigans and skirt. When I was in high school, I made it a point to wear green practically everyday. Of course it usually came in the form of obnoxious graphic tees, but now I have found a way to wear it in a cute way. I absolutely love the shade of this green. It reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I think it compliments this skirt well and I can't wait to pair it with other things in my closet.

I feel like with all the shopping I've done recently, I have too much clothes for my own good now. I just don't know what to do with them all. It's a bit overwhelming really. I still have things that are still new but months old that I need to show you. I should just freeze my debit card in a cube of ice like in Confessions of a Shopaholic until I really need something. Somehow, it's never really enough. There's always something on my to-find-in-stores list. I'm going to clean out my closet over Christmas weekend and update my blog shop. I'm going to force myself to be brutally honest and get rid of things that I absolutely don't use...or just buy some under-the-bed storage containers. I'm horrible at letting things go.

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  1. I love the minty green stripes! I need to go shopping (but i don't - but I do...). I love it with this denim skirt. :)

    And don't freeze your debit card in a cube of can melt. Just shred it, haha! Don't worry, I'm horrible at letting things go as well. I feel guilty looking at all my old clothes just hanging there. :(

  2. it's so hard to not go shopping. when i really really want to stop buying things i stop looking at all the fashion blogs i'm following because i always say "OMG! so cute i want!" haha it helps for a bit, then i feel like i miss out on a lot and end up back.

    i can't let go of things either, i'm such a pack rat! but after hoarding a bunch of stuff i find that i slowly throw things away. i have a big box of stuff (random drawings, reports) from elementary school under my bed still!

  3. Jasmine, don't know if I've told you this in awhile, but your blog is one of my absolute favorites! You are so cute and sweet and I love reading everything you write. You seem like such a genuine person and I LOVE that.

    Oh my gosh, you should totally put your card in a freezer! I love that movie, but don't do what she does and go all crazy trying to unfreeze it ;]


    I have to say though, I've never been a huge fan of green until recently. Most of the time I just see green as... well green, an obnoxious lime green, hint of neon, somewhat blinding, but no, you make it work SO well. Minty green, khaki-ish green. You're amazing!

    I just went through a giant massive clean-up of my closet and realized how much stuff I hoarded, it's kind of scary, aka we both have this too much clothes and it's not good for us issue :( I've donated a bunch of my clothes and given some to my sisters (if they can even fit in my tiny clothes).

    WE HOARDERS CAN UNITE! Donating some clothes will make you feel g.o.o.d. :) PS- Freezing the card seems like a real good idea right about now!

  5. great pictures! you look gorgous:) I like you outfit! It styled really good! you have a great blog!Im happy i ran into you ! Its really a great read, you posts and style are amazing:)
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  6. You are too cute! I love this outfit. Seriously. You are so stylish! :)

    KF x

  7. found your blog. nice ;) wanna exchange link?