Thursday, December 09, 2010

Glitter in the Air



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It's been about a week since I last updated. I'm so sorry! I've been sick for about a week now, which means that yes, I did spend my 21st birthday sick in bed. Don't worry--I'll get to really celebrate my birthday next week during a three-day getaway to Vegas with Robert! I am so excited! I just want to get finals over with. I'll actually be taking one of my finals while I am in Vegas since it's online, but right when I finish that I'll finally be getting some time to relax! In preparation for Vegas, I've been searching for some club wear clothing since I'll be going clubbing for the first time. I don't know why, but I just look so awkward in the traditional tight and glittery club wear. It's been fun trying different looks though (ie. sequins)--now I know that my style truly does suit me! But seriously, any tips on cute, chic club wear?

Over the weekend, I also bought my first pair of heels...EVER! I found them while thrifting at Buffalo Exchange: they're a pair of suede Steve Madden heels that look like they've only been worn once. I can't wait to debut them, but hopefully I don't fall while wearing them! Also over the weekend, two of my favorite bloggers--Kristy of Monochromachic and Bestie of The Capricious Club-- posted looks that I inspired. Sometimes I wonder if I'm inspiring people with my outfits at all, so it was so flattering to see that I am--though I'm sure these lovely ladies could've come up with these outfits all on their own :) I feel like I've bought a lot of clothes recently--I even ran out of spare hangers; and yet I still continue to remix old things/feel like I don't have enough. I must be getting into the holiday spirit--except I seem to be buying more for myself rather than others! Woops!

I'm not really sure how much blogging I can get done from now until the 18th, which is when I get back from Vegas, with end of the semester papers and finals, but I will try! I might even miss my blog's anniversary on the 12th. Good luck to everyone who has finals!

Until next post,

outfit: striped dress -- cotton on; cardigan -- zara; belt -- anthropologie; flats -- f21; cameo pin -- h&m



    I don't think I said that earlier this week. Oopppss:( I've been sucked into the whirl of school:(

    Your sweater is so cute. I love the military feel!

    I want your belt!

  2. You continue to inspire me every time, darling :) I have a few striped pieces at home and when I'm running out of ideas on how to wear them, I'd just go to your blog and browse for inspirations :D

    Ahhh.. clubbing. I've only been clubbing once!Hahaha.. I'm such an old geek. Anyway, I just wore a black top, a gold full mini skirt (for a girly touch), some necklaces, polkadot tights, and ALDO black wedges. No skanky, Snooki-inspired look for moi ;)

  3. Aaw you look so freakin cute! I love the flats and cameo and belt and ...well basically everything :)

  4. Super cute shoes and broach. I used to wear a broach like that all the time in elementry school. Love it. I should look for it. Yours looks so cute on your cardi!

  5. You are look gorgeous in this outfit. You look pretty anyways, but you look very happy and I'm sure that has to be do with your extra free time now:) I hope you have fun in Vegas!! I can't wait to see what you wear out clubbing. I remember the first time I went clubbing my friend yelled at me because I wore jeans, sneakers, and a cardigan...hahaha!!

  6. Oh, I just love your brooch and that green sweater! And of course your outfits are inspiring! :)
    I'm getting some Jeffrey Campbell heels for Christmas and I'm so afraid to walk in them, so you're not alone in that! I can't wait to see your new shoes :)

  7. awesome to hear from you again, jasmine!!! :D i wish you're doing well now..

    it's nice to know that after finals you can reward yourself with that trip!!! you definitely deserve that!

    Animated Confessions

  8. i hope you're feeling better!! i keep seeing your twitter status updates and i feel for you! i just got over being sick and it was such a crappy time to be sick.

    i never know what to wear clubbing either. just be sure what you're wearing is comfy. you'll be moving around a lot so comfort is key.

    i really like this cardigan! and those super cute flats!!

  9. Yay, first heels! Welcome to the group. I basically live in my heels and don't own a single pair of flats (seriously).

    Who says that club wear needs to be tight? I'm not a fan of tight dresses either, so you might want to look at something with a cinched in waist (sashes are always nice) with a flared skirt. Satin is a nice texture for club wear.

  10. Yay Vegas! I hope you feel better so you can enjoy your time in Vegas! I can't wait until I turn 21 and take a trip out there! Hmm, I would say you should definitely stick to your style, but maybe find a skirt like the ones you have, except in some fabulous material, like with sequins or satin or something pretty (not that your skirts aren't pretty already!), then wear some fancy-ish flats and a nice blouse :) Haha I know I'm going to have the same dilemma if I ever go clubbing! But at least I'll have you for inspiration!

  11. Have a good time in Vegas and good luck on your exams!

    Heels may take some getting used to, but they are definitely worth it.



  12. Stripes and florals! Yay! Hehe. Can't wait to see those heels you bought! :)

    PS: You always inspire people with your adorableness, Jasmine!


  13. Aww sorry you were sick dear! But glad to see you're back. :D hmm I don't know much about club wear either (I am always terribly uncomfortable in too-tight, too-short clothing) but I think you could go for some sheer glitter tights? They're pretty and perfect for this season, but not in-your-face sparkly. Haha. And I'm so excited to see your new heels! :D

    And yes Jasmine, you DO inspire people with your style. The blog post was the first I wrote where I actually SAID it was inspired by you, but honestly I've thought to myself plenty of times "What would Jasmine wear?". LOL seriously! (;

    Okay this is turning into a novel... So I guess there's nothing left to say but belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3