Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall and NYFW Inspiration

| streetstyle: rasa zukauskaite -- stockholm streetstyle || high waisted shorts and blazers -- trop rouge || frizzy hair -- the velvet bird || swim break -- pug sister || celebration day -- mess your hair up || pink lady -- the 4 hundred beats || 20th street grocery -- fancy fine || street style 0204: men's pants, military coat, & brogues -- golestaneh street style || untitled -- haydenelizabeth || heart of the house -- off of broadway || miu the swallow -- lula and the frock |

Phew! Haven't done one of these in a looooong time! As I'm entering another Fall and Winter season here on this blog, I can't help but remember my obsession with shorts and tights last year. It's kinda crazy how much my style has changed yet stayed the same over the past year. From the looks of it, this year, I'll try to keep up with my girly Spring and Summer looks with a plethora of skirts, dresses, and fun colored tights (I need a red pair!). Add a two-toned pair of flats, a leather brown messenger bag, and a navy blazer or cardigan to the ever-growing list of needs/wants. I think this year will be the reign of dresses in my closet; last year was stripes and bows. Do you all remember last year when I said I hated dresses? Now I'm completely enamored with them. They are just so easy, almost too easy. Maybe if I say that I hate fruits and vegetables, I'll learn to love them over this next year...

After a relatively cool summer, I'm kinda dreading yet looking forward to a cooler than normal Fall and Winter here in Southern California. I'm already feeling the need to bring a pair of tights to slip into when I bike home from my night class. Bring on the hot chocolate!

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  1. Lovely fall looks! I can not wait until cooler weather. I'm heading to northern Ohio at the end of September and I'm praying it's in the 60s 50s there. It's feel great!

  2. aaahh yes!!! :D someone cant wait for nyc!! :D hahaha!! love it!! great picks! :D definitely great inspiration for you trip there! :D

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  3. I love the selection of looks, they're all great for the beginning of fall! :) I'm finding myself gravitating more towards skirts and dresses too... I find them just more comfortable and stylish than regular ol' jeans.
    I'm a bit jealous! I just got back to school on the east coast and I was surprised how hot it was! I miss my cool So Cal! :( Hopefully fall weather will come soon to Rhode Island!