Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Basics: Grad School Edition

1. gap grey legging jeans ($9) / 2 and 3. forever 21 skinny jeans and maroon polka dot blouse ($15 bogo deal) / 4. gap blue t-shirt ($15) / 5. francesca's collections red and yellow polka dot blouse ($15) / 6. h&m black trousers ($17) / 7. forever 21 navy tank ($16) / 8. brandy melville orange tank ($14) / 9. h&m black trousers with belt ($25)

In the span of a week, I managed to do a lot of swiping of my credit card. I haven't shopped this much in a long while, but most of these things were necessary buys and I really tried to make sure that nothing went over $25--even the nicer clothes for fieldwork. I also tried not to bring home any t-shirts since I really don't need anymore of those, but of course one had to slip through the cracks and it would be a Gap t-shirt too. I got really lucky with good deals: I had a coupon for 30% off my entire purchase and I had $40 in Gap rewards so I was able to get the $70 Gap legging jeans for $9! I also scored two polka dot blouses that will be perfect to wear with the trousers from H&M.

Cardigans, v-neck t-shirts, skinny jeans, and ballet flats are usually my back to school must haves, but this year, I can't be so casual all the time. I went in shopping for this year's basics after assessing what I already had and what I actually needed in my closet. Looking over my closet inventory, I knew that I had more than enough cardigans, skirts, dresses, shoes, and t-shirts to get me through this next year. I had to really focus on replacing my jeans, and on getting some pants and blouses for fieldwork. Since I don't have an income right now, I had to get things that could be reworked many ways but I also wanted to get things that would last me longer than my grad program. I think I accomplished what I set out to do. I'm definitely less worried about not having appropriate clothes to wear now. The only things I'm still looking for are a pair of navy blue trousers and a few button up blouses. With school resuming in five days though, I'm pretty sure shopping will have to take a back seat until Black Friday especially with my full course load of seven classes. My bank account is probably screaming for joy at the mention of this. I think it will be the season of pants for me. Usually in the Fall, I live in skirts and tights, but I'm just not sure how practical skirts will be in a classroom setting. Wearing more shorts and pants was one of my style resolutions this year so it looks like I'll be keeping it! I think my closet is slowly become more well-rounded.

What are your back to school basics? Or if you're not in school anymore, what are your Fall must haves this year?

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  1. Look at all of those pants!! AND POLKA DOTS! I am so proud. :) I love pants these days, as you know, and well... my polka dot obsession is out of hand. So excited to see your more "grown up" style that still feels so you. I'm drooling over your Gap steal ;) Their bottoms are so very comfy and I would love to own a pair of their pants.

  2. I'm not in school anymore, so fall for me is all about officewear. I've been working from home, and I realized at my new job that I have so few things to wear to work. I'm planning on doing an inventory soon!

  3. For button-ups I tend to find some great ones at consignment/thrift shops. I see you don't normally shop there, but some of them are quality material for cheap so it's worth a shot.

  4. YOU GOT PANTS. WOO. WHAT. PANTS. WHAT. Ok. I'll stop.

    Anyway, I love these basics and some not-so-basic, but still basic. I purchased a whole ton myself recently too, realizing that basics honestly are the best things in the entire world. Plus being a minimalist/lazy person, I've been looking at labels like a mad man, not just price tags, but the material too!

    Good luck with all the courses you crazy lady. I'm only taking 4, but 16 hours a week plus working 12 hours at the law firm and 3 hours at Kumon. I just finished finals and now looking around my room, boy do I need to clean up and just donate, donate, donate!

    P.S. Button-ups are the one things I've learned to not skimp on, working at the law firm for 2 years now. It's important to find something that is crisp, but still breathable, but doesn't wrinkle too too easily. Especially with our hectic schedules, who REALLY has time to iron. I mean, really? Not me.

  5. Cute! I always love seeing you style basics - they're so overlooked in the fashion world! I'm taking the plunge and studying abroad next semester, so my wardrobe has regressed to ALL basics. I'm determined not to get bored! :]