Monday, August 20, 2012

Since You Been Gone

If you're sick of seeing this skirt on me, I'm sorry but it's just so easy to wear with any top. And on this particular day, I wasn't concerned with my outfit so much. I've been wanting to do a photo-shoot with Robert for a while so it seemed like the perfect time to do one a few days before he left. I wanted to wear an outfit that was simple and classic so I can look back on them without thinking "what was I thinking wearing that?!" The photo-shoot itself didn't turn out the way I wanted. It was way too hot, even at 9:30 AM. We were both getting restless in the heat but I managed to get a few good shots.

It's weird writing about something that Robert and I did because he's not here anymore. I was lucky to get two extra days with him. We watched a movie in the park on Saturday night and after sitting on a blanket on wet grass, I've been sick since Sunday. I'm glad towards the end I was feeling well enough to cross off a few things before he left. We visited the coffee shop where we had our first date and got the same drink we did 5+ years ago. We went to the beach together one last time. We watched movies and talked a lot. We ate at our favorite restaurants. Even though he's there now, it still doesn't feel real. School resumes today so I'm grateful to be busy and I'm excited to start fieldwork and student teaching. It's going to be an interesting year to say the least.

Until next post,
t-shirt - gap
skirt - urban outfitters
belt - h&m
sandals - h&m


  1. awwwwwwwww. that last picture. so so sweet. i wish i could have been around to take pictures for you ;). love this post. you are so strong.

  2. love the last picture! i know you're going to miss him, and it's going to be a challenging adjustment, but i'm thinkin' this is the beginning of an exciting new season for you! you look lovely in that skirt, and i love the backdrop of the photos (even though it does look uncomfortably hot!) Xx

  3. When a garment is so easy to wear and basically goes with everything else that you own, it's definitely a keeper, so don't feel sorry about it at alllll haha. The last photograph with Robert is so sweet and it sounds like you guys had a lovely two extra days– I think you're right about this year going to be interesting for sure (:

  4. That last picture speaks a lot. :(
    I hope you're ok. It's hard to say goodbye to people we love.

  5. Oh, Jasmine. That last photo is so so sweet. You are so strong. Love you, lady <3

  6. Well documented photos. Stay BEAUTIFUL :)
    Ps. That last photo - PERFECTION!