Saturday, April 07, 2012

Closet Inventory 2012

Last year, I did an inventory of my closet. Last night, I did a bit of spring cleaning within my closet so I thought it'd be interest to see if and how the numbers have changed.

Last year's numbers:
69 tops (20 of which are striped). 24 cardigans. 27 dresses. 1 romper. 19 skirts. 3 pairs of shorts. 3 jackets and coats. 12 pairs of shoes. 10 belts. 7 scarves. 9 hats. 8 rings. 18 necklaces. 12 purses.

Here are the updated numbers:
 71 tops (21 of which are striped). 19 cardigans. 28 dresses. 2 rompers. 26 skirts. 9 pairs of shorts. 6 jackets and coats. 5 pairs of jeans. 16 pairs of shoes. 26 belts. 7 scarves. 11 hats. 1 earmuff. 18 rings. 16 necklaces. 1 watch. 5 bracelets. 6 pairs of sunglasses. 10 purses.

I know I cheated a little and concealed my shopaholic ways by doing the inventory after I cleaned my closet (especially since I was able to fill two trash bags with things I want to donate/sell), but these new numbers represent the clothes that I like as of now. I'm happy to see that the numbers haven't changed all that much, except for a bit of belt hoarding this past year. I'm hoping that these numbers won't change too much next year either because I want to adopt smarter shopping habits (ie. better quality items). The last time I purged my closet, it made me realize that I should stop shopping at Forever 21 because a lot of what I was donating were F21 items that I wore maybe once or twice. With the exception of a few things, last night's purge pretty much cleared out the traces of F21 in my closet. I think I'm also slowly starting to phase out Urban Outfitters from my closet as well. It looks like Gap still dominates my closet. I'm not completely finished purging my closet yet. I know there are things still in my closet that I probably won't wear again, but it's so hard for me to part with things. For example, I'm just getting around to donating my winter formal and prom dresses from high school. That was like 5 years ago.

Do you know your closet inventory? If you do, share with me! I want to know how normal or abnormal my numbers are! Happy Saturday!

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  1. I've never done a closet inventory before. I think it would be really interesting for me to see how much I have from year to year.

  2. oh wow that is a lot of tops haha! then again... i think i have around 50 dresses compared to your 30 haha

  3. Whoa this is a great idea! I really should do this - I'd be fascinated to see how my wardrobe changed over a whole year! I honestly can't wait to ship all my stuff home from college and finally have all of my clothes all in one closet again, so maybe then I'll have a chance. Great idea!


  4. Wow, oh well I never done a closet inventory but it would be really nice! thanks for the idea, your blog is so lovely!

    Love from PerĂº

  5. You are so brave to do an inventory of your clothes, I don't think I want to know what's in my closet haha. I too have a striped shirt fetish, don't be ashamed of it girl, stripes rock!