Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm not usually one to wear pink or something sleeveless but I couldn't help myself when I saw this top at Forever 21. I'm a sucker for peter pan collars! I was on the hunt for solid blouses that I could wear while student teaching since I realized that most of my blouses were polka-dotted. I'm really liking how my work wardrobe is coming together. With a cardigan or blazer and tights, I can definitely wear this to fieldwork. But since I only had class yesterday, this outfit was perfect for a warm Summer afternoon. This week is going to be pretty easy since I don't need to go in for fieldwork so I'm going to try and stock up on outfit pictures this week. It also forces me to wear something other than t-shirts to class. For fieldwork on Monday, we did some decorating and organizing--two of my favorite things. Once the classrooms are completed I'll be sure to take some pictures and show you. Next week is going to be exciting, for me at least! It's the first week of school and I'm just so excited to meet our students and other teachers! I'll be student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom until March. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around having to arrive at 7:30 every morning though. I am a morning person, but not that early of one. I'm already trying to plan my outfits for next week, because I don't even want to know what my 6:30AM brain may think is cute at that hour.

Until next post,
top - forever 21
skirt - j. crew
belt - forever 21 (from jen)
shoes - aldo
ring - thrifted


  1. Hehe I always plan my outfits when I know I would get up early and go somewhere!
    This blouse is very cute-I can see why you couldn't resist it!

    Life is a romantic poem

  2. That top is perfect, and great for remixing with other items. I'm terrible for never planning my outfits, so on days when I have very little time I end up looking like a crazy bag lady. Oops. Good luck with the kids next week! xo

  3. you look so cute jasmine!! i love how feminine and romantic the top is while still being simple.

  4. Such an adorable look, Jasmine. But you always look cute. It's a funny thing, my favorite color is pink, yet when I'm shopping for clothing it's extremely rare that I will gravitate to pink clothing. But I can see how that peter pan collar won you over. I'm a sucker for them as well.

    Good luck on your new teaching job. Surely you'll be magnificent!

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. so adorable jazzy!!! i want your shoes!!! :D and that peter pan collar style never goes wrong for you, dear!! :D love! :D

  6. Beautiful photos. I am totally jealous of your shoes. And the decorating of the class rooms sounds like great fun.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  7. Hurrah for your work wardrobe coming together (especially when you find pieces you can wear off-duty!) Good luck with your first week of student teaching– it definitely sounds exciting and like it'll be a really great experience (:

  8. I love this pink on you!! Are you coming to NYFW this season??

  9. OH MY GOSHHHHH. I love LOVE this outfit. Jasmine!! So cute. That top is adorable. You should wear all the things you don't normally wear because clearly your judgement is off ;) hehe, just kidddding. But I do love pink on you and the adorable peter pan collar. You know me, I'm a sucker for everything peter pan. I have 8am classes but we have to leave by 7:40. My alarm is set to 6:15 every day :( I've found that this week, the night before all I do is grab a top and a bottom hanging in my closet and wear it. And it's actually worked QUITE well? It's weird. Sometimes not thinking works better than thinking. HM. Love you <3

  10. Another gorgeous outfit! How do you do it J? lol Anyways, SUPES excited for your teaching and schooling to begin. I can't wait to be doing fieldwork in my major, just a few more years!