Thursday, August 09, 2012


Robert and I visited The Great Park on Tuesday to have a picnic and to explore. It turned out to be a failure of a trip: Within minutes after setting up a picnic in the grass, the sprinklers came on; and all the attractions weren't even open (they're only opened Thursday-Sunday). But we still managed to have a lot of fun. Since nothing was open, the park was really deserted and it was nice to have the whole place to ourselves. I wish it wasn't so hot out so we could've walked the entirety of the Walkable Timeline, but Robert and I have agreed to come back in the Winter and on a day when the museum and The Great Balloon are open. The day wasn't a total waste though! I was able to check off two things from my Summer Bucketlist this week: I baked a cheesecake, and I wore something orange. Also since it was so hot out, we retreated to an indoor mall where I was able to find two pairs of trousers from H&M that didn't make me want to gag or pull my hair out.

I didn't mean to wear so many citrus colors together. It sort of just happened. This cardigan has been waiting for about a year now to be worn during a hot Summer day. I randomly bought it one day last Summer at a Gap outlet because I thought I "needed" a yellow cardigan in my closet, but I'm glad I got the chance to wear it. I kind of love it again though. It's such a happy yellow that you can't help but feel like happy when you wear it. Hopefully it'll inspire me to start wearing bright colors again. I know my style was always simple and casual, but I don't know why I've been gravitating towards so many neutral and solids this year. I think a part of it is because I want to be taken more seriously as a grad student (don't want to be mistaken as a middle school student again). I even changed up my blog layout to match. Another reason could be that I really just want my life to be simple and clutter-free. Whatever the reasons are, I just hope that I'm still able to have fun with clothes.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
tank top - brandy melville
skirt - urban outfitters
belt - gap 
tote - etsy
sandals - h&m
sunglasses - raybans


  1. I love how you match colors. I always have so much trouble adding a single color to my outfit. I get the wanting to be a little more adult with your clothing choices, I've been going through the same thing. I'm almost twenty three, and I need to stop being mistaken for twelve. :) I just hope you keep your awesome skills at mixing colors! Don't get too neutral, your outfits are too fun for that.

  2. So adorable as always Jazzy :)! I'm glad you managed to find a pair of trousers at H&M that actually make you happy, it's always good to find one of *those* pieces that are hard to shop for your specific body type. Like me? A good pair of skinny jeans. Still hunting to this day. Being pear shaped + petite is kind of a terrible combo.

    I love this new layout as well. Very refreshing! Also, the about page is awesome! xo

  3. I am digging this orange yellow combo!!! Its so pretty on you :) Sorry to hear about the picnic. That's pretty stinky, but hopefully you guys can try it again in the winter. It's not too cold there in the winter to enjoy a picnic, right?

  4. You so brave to be wearing yellow - I envy you because of that! I do like bright colors, but yellow just makes me look more "yellow" lol And I love it when places are deserted. It's more intimate that way - and you can be as silly as you want!