Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Can't Hurry Love

It's only been a week into August and I already know that I'm not going to stick to my budget this month. I'm going to try my hardest, but considering that I've already bought three tops, it's really unlikely. This is definitely going to be the most expensive month since I need to replace all my jeans and buy appropriate fieldwork clothes. I need pants, but I hate pants shopping, which is probably why I've come home with three new tops and zero pants in my recent shopping trips. This easy, basic, breezy tank is one of my new tops. It doesn't look like much, but it takes a lot for me to want to go sleeveless and so if I find a tank that makes me feel comfortable enough to do that then it is coming home with me.

Robert surprised me by taking me to this cool underpass to take outfit pictures yesterday. It's deserted enough for me to come back here on my own to take self-pictures once he leaves for school in Hawaii, which is next week. I've become quite the emotional wreck since I've been able to count down our days on my two hands. Everything is becoming so sentimental, and I just can't handle all the emotions I'm experiencing: anxiousness, nostalgia, vulnerability, excitement, sadness, loneliness, fear, etc. We're visiting all of our favorite places and some new places we didn't get a chance to go to in this last week together. One of the last things we'll do is go back to the coffee shop where we had our first date and order the same drink (a white chocolate mocha) to bookend this chapter in our lives. I know I'm going to lose it at the coffee shop. I just keep telling myself that this is for the best, that we both need this time apart to grow as individuals before/if we are to ever get back together. The worst part of this whole thing is that I'm losing my very best friend who won't be able to comfort me the only way he knows how.

I'm usually the one with the plan, but I don't know how I'm going to do this...It's going to be the hardest yet most exciting year of my life. I don't think I'm ready but it's all about to start very soon.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
tank top - forever 21
shorts - gap
belt - h&m
necklace - brandy melville
shoes - j. crew


  1. Jasmine, you are one strong cookie. I'm sure you'll pull through and come out through all this :) And these photos are beautiful! Love that black and white one ;)

  2. Hard times make us stronger. If it's meant to be, it will happen. I'm proud of all the chances you are taking! You are going to be amazing! :)

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  4. This outfit is so grown up and "grad student-y"! I do love your prints, of course, but this is so mature but still YOU! I hope you never abandon your cutesy prints and colors but being in grad school, I think you've nailed the part:)

    I love you to death. You're so strong and you've only gotten stronger in the past year. What's mean to be will be and it's only going to go up from here. I know that. You're too amazing of a person for it not to. Email me when it gets tough <3

  5. It is going to be a very difficult time for you but it is very important to focus on the positive side of this. Personal growth, new direction! You can do it!

  6. Everytime you change up your layout you make me want to change mine up too. Blogger problems. But I just wanted to say how much I love watching your confidence grow! I remember when you first started your blog, you never wore sleeveless tops or shorts! AND LOOK AT YOU NOW! YOU'RE MAKING PAPER. (I hope you get my reference). <3

    I'll respond to your email when I get a chance today but stay strong! You've got this and I've got your back when you don't. Love you!

  7. Hi jasmine! I've been reading for awhile but never commented. Just wanted to say that I've been loving your longer, more 'wordy' posts. You seem like such an intelligent, thoughtful person and I'm inspired by this! I hope you find the strength to get through this bump in your life. Thanks for sharing.