Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early Spring

Spring has arrived early here in Southern California. All the trees are practically green and lately, I have had to decide whether I want to go bare legged or put on tights for the day. I've had this top for a while now, but I don't really know why it has never made its appearance on my blog, especially since I wear it almost weekly to work. One of my students even asked me if Vanessa Hudgens was the girl on my shirt (no, it isn't). I wore this last weekend for a lunner (meal between lunch and dinner) date with Robert.

I am obsessed with this cardigan. I even have it in grey too. It's so soft and comfy! It's light so it'll be perfect for those chilly Spring and Summer nights. I bought it about two weeks ago from Gap. I also opened a Gap card that day, which is totally playing with fire with how often I shop there, but I figured I might as well get some benefits to my Gap addiction right? Right. Good timing too because this past weekend I bought clothes for my first graduate school interview today. I've been so stressed about this interview. I even had a meltdown in an H&M dressing room looking for interview clothes over the weekend, but ultimately, I just went with something that might not be as formal as I probably need to be, but makes me feel comfortable. I scored an oxford shirt that I had been eyeing and a pair of comfy cropped trousers--both on sale. If I'm not too distraught after my interview today, I'll be sure to take some outfit photos since one of my resolutions was to wear more pants on the blog.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
t-shirt - nordstrom
skirt - forever 21
necklace - brandy melville
belt - cotton on
loafers - charlotte russe


  1. LOVE that skirt! so spring-like and feminine.

  2. Girl, you are adorable.
    I randomly stumbled across your blog and fell in love.
    Your style is so soft, dreamy, & whimisical.
    Total inspiration.


  3. This outfit is so cute and casual! I love your skirt with the cozy-looking cardigan. Fantastic loafers too!