Tuesday, March 06, 2012

February Photo Diary

1. Pretty skies while shopping with my mom
2. View from my bed
3. I always leave my heart at the beach
4. Robert and I went mini-golfing one random weekend. I won both courses.
5. Robert surprised me one morning during my morning run with a dozen roses.
6. My closet
7. Grocery shopping at Sprouts
8. So lucky to have had bare-legged days in February
9. I'll always be obsessed with power lines
10. I miss the beach.

February was such a busy month for me that I don't remember too much of it. It sort of just flew by, which I guess makes sense since it's the shortest month. Despite all the craziness, I still managed to have a few moments of bliss and fun. With less than a week left of my fieldwork, I'm relieved to see it over. Here's to a more relaxed March.

Outfit post to come tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Until next post,


  1. Oh wow, these photos are beautiful!

  2. looks like a warm and sunny february!

  3. More fun months to come!
    And I love the new layout. The floral header is pretty.

  4. awww i am loving the spring layout! it makes me happy:) also making me happy are these photos! look at how happy you look! niklaas has never gotten me flowers and i'm kind of waiting for the day. and mini golf is kind of my favorite thing EVER.