Monday, March 26, 2012

The Elephant Dress

Even though I've never actually, physically met Maggie, I consider her one of my very good friends. It's really amazing how blogging gives you so many opportunities to "meet" so many wonderful people. Through long emails and tweets, we have gotten to know each other and I've really grown to adore her! During one of our twitter conversations, we both realized that we were shopping in Francesca's Collections over the same weekend, though in different parts of the country. I discovered Francesca's a while ago, but I didn't really fall in love with it until recently. Though it's a wee bit over my price range, I caved and bought this dress and a skirt--both not on sale, which I rarely, ever do. I went back to try on this dress a few times before splurging. But after a shopping rut, I was just too excited, and the fact that Maggie had just bought this dress too just gave me too many reasons not to have this dress. So here we are doing a post together. I hope one day though we'll be in the same picture. I love that we both styled it with a mustard yellow belt and a cardigan. I can already tell that at least I will be wearing this dress a lot this Spring and Summer. Also, I think my default, go-to styling for a new item is to pair it with a bright yellow belt and a red cardigan. It's like an initiation of some sort to my closet. So welcome elephant dress, I cannot wait to style you some more!

Until next post,

my outfit:
cardigan - gap
dress - francesca's collections
belt - gap
watch - nordstroms
purse - coach (vintage/thrifted)
shoes - swedish hasbeens x h&m


  1. I totally can't tell that it's got tiny elephants all over the dress, but that's what's good about it! SUBTLE CUTENESS! :) And can I drool over your Coach purse? THE PERFECT ALL YEAR ROUND BAG!!

  2. That Coach bag is so darling! It's very 40s-esque :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  3. I absolutely love that bag! Maggie's blog sent me over here and I'm so glad, your blog is really cute Jasmine!

  4. Your outfit is so cute! I love the red cardigan over it though :)

  5. Wow that dress is SUPER cute :D You look so pretty!! :D