Tuesday, April 03, 2012

March Photo Diary

1. A friendly reminder
2. Skyline while shopping at The Lab
3. I like my froyo with a lot of crumbled oreos
4. I baked a lot in March to thank the teachers that allowed me to complete my fieldwork in their classrooms.
5. On bad hair days, I wear a beanie; but everyday, I wear sunglasses.
6. Pretty sunset during a spontaneous trip to the beach
7. First graduate school interview outfit
8. First ice cream of the warm seasons
9. Photo location for one of my blog posts
10. I am a green tea addict 

The first half of March was pretty hectic with the completion of my fieldwork, and then having my first graduate school interview a few days after my fieldwork ended. The second half of the month has been trying to adjust to my normal scheduling and getting back into my weight loss journey. I've lost 8 pounds since renewing my goal, and I'm feeling great! Hopefully, April will bring good news of acceptance to a grad program, and more progress on my weight loss journey. I'm really trying to work on bettering myself, for the sake of myself (ie. not to compete with others or because other people say I should).

Stay tuned for an outfit post tomorrow! Follow me on instagram @jazzyhwang

Until next post,


  1. Oh! I love green tea too! MMMM! That picture makes me want to go brew some right now.

    Hope you have a lovely week!


  2. I think it's awesome you want to better yourself for you and not for other people. I think everyone should feel that way. :)

  3. Such cute pictures! I love the froyo, reminds me of pinkberry. Mmmmmmmmm. :]]]


  4. Congrats on the weight loss!