Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saved For Later

I originally had planned to wear a variation of this outfit to an event during NYFW last September, but as always, I overpacked and had too many options for that one (amazing) weekend. While getting ready, I think Jen and I concluded that this outfit wasn't formal enough or something to that effect. I miss having her around when I get ready and I miss hanging out with her. At the time, I didn't have a denim jacket, but I think it looks better with it on than with the cardigan I had planned to wear with it months ago. I seem to be on a prints high right now--stripes (always), animals, and sailboats to be more specific. While this outfit may not have been formal enough for NYFW, it worked out perfectly for a warm Spring day.

Until next post,
denim jacket - thrifted
fox print top - urban outfitters
belt - charlotte russe
skirt - gap
loafers - aldo


  1. You look so dreamy in this outfit!! I love the fit of it and the skirt is pretty :) Too bad it didn't work out for nyfw but its super cute.

  2. Oh, that fox blouse is just too cute! And of course I love the denim jacket too! You should come visit New York again so I can see you this time! :D

  3. Super cute skirt, love it!

  4. Super adorable as always, I'm also super attracted to prints lately (stripes as always), but I haven't found anything in particular that has struck my fancy yet. The foxes though... eek! Need!

    ConGRADulations on getting into grad school. Sorry for the delay, I was swamped with work and just got time to kick back now :( Wishing you all the best! xox

  5. You look lovely. The fox top is so pretty.

  6. You make me want to put on a denim jacket riiiiiight now! THAT FOX PRINT TOP IS SO CUTE. California looks so beautiful this time of year. Do you do the graphic design for your blog? Because it looks amazing.

  7. The print on that top is too cute! Loving the shoes also.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  8. I love your top and shoes. So cute.