Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Passenger Seat


Happy first day of Fall! I took these photos last Friday so this is the last of my summer outfits, though it looks like I've already successfully transitioned into Fall since I haven't left the house without tights on since I got back from New York. I really have no idea what this season will bring, but I'm excited for it! To me, Fall is more like a new year because it's the start of a new school year. I'm such a nerd for thinking like that huh?



I had a crazy weekend. My brother moved out and into his dorm on Sunday morning, so Saturday, my family spent the day together. We went to the mall for lunch and some shopping. I bought myself a skirt that was on sale at Gap. I've already worn it twice so you'll see it really soon. The Saks Fifth Avenue in that mall also happened to be closing so everything is on sale for 30-50% off. My mom wanted to show me a wallet, but I didn't like the ones she picked out so naturally my eyes wandered to the handbags section. I saw a gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and instantly fell in love. I was torn between black and cream, but eventually decided on the black since it's timeless and it wouldn't get dirty as easily or quickly. You'll see the bag soon too.



On Sunday morning, we made the morning trek to my brother's university which is about an hour away with no traffic. We helped him settle in and met his roommate. His roommate's mother thought I was the younger sibling (still in high school) and was shocked when I told her that I just gradated from college. I was a little annoyed the rest of the day that I don't look my age and even contemplated to stop wearing bows because I'm pretty sure they only add to the appearance of my youth. We then grabbed lunch and said our goodbyes. I guess my mom was feeling a bit empty afterwards, because somehow we ended up back at the same mall and somehow left with the cream version of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (and I found my winter cardigan on sale at Gap too). Later that night, my brother calls to say that he's sick and about to throw up. So I made the drive up to bring him medicine and a few things he forgot to pack; however, when I got there, he was totally fine. By the time I got home after midnight, I was exhausted from all the driving I did (over 200 miles...).



I know this outfit is so similar to the one I wore in New York, but who says we can't repeat ideas? I know we all do, but for some reason, we are all afraid to repeat similar or even the same outfits on our blogs. I think I'm going to start doing it though just because it's definitely more realistic and it won't stress me out as much. I have enough on my plate as it is anyway, as I'm sure we all do. That outfit even landed me on the front page of Chictopia, so why fix what isn't broken?

Until next post,

outfit: striped top -- gap; green skirt -- aa; brown belt-- topshop; tights -- f21; bow -- h&m; shoes -- aldo


  1. I just adore that green mint skirt, and congrats on being on the front page of Chictopia! Whoo! Hope your brother's feeling better! Haha don't worry, everyone thinks I'm younger than I actually am.

  2. Ahh I really do love that skirt, definitely one of my favorite pieces from your wardrobe! And congrats on landing on the front page, you totally deserve it with that look :D

  3. I love YOU and I this post so much. I think in light of all the conversations that we've had (we as in you and me and Jen and also me as in bloggers in general) about how much blogging is sort of a cultivated performance of perfection that can be good and also's amazing that you wrote about wanting to showcase similar outfits on your blog because it's more realistic.

    I also happen to think you're the snazziest dresser and snazziest thinker and this post illustrates both so wonderfully!


    (PS: MARC JACOBS BAG!! I'm 26, and um, I've yet to buy real, legit bag for myself yet. I just went to a business-y meeting with a dumb tote bag I got from a concert I went to five years ago! I can't wait to see your new bag!!!!)

  4. yay for chictopia homepage!! :D

    i cant wait to see your new purchases, jasmine!! :D what a way to welcome fall!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. i adoree ur skirt,, such a perfect colour :)


  6. This is a pretty outfit :)
    I hope all goes well for your brother. Don't be annoyed at that "ageXlooks" thing, you look beautiful, inside and out and that's what really matters.
    As for your brother, I think he wanted you to drive there cause he needed some TLC from his sis, :D
    Have a good day :)

  7. I love love love the color of that skirt! The whole outfit is so cute, and you look great!
    People always think that I'm younger than I actually am as well. I am actually the youngest sibling, but people are always shocked to hear that I'm in college and not high school! Oh well.
    Can't wait to see your Marc Jacobs bags!

  8. Oh my age x looks, I KNOW THAT ALL TOO WELL. Tis okay, until recently I was always mistaken for a 12 year old... let's be honest here, who wants to look like they're 12? NOT ME. Anyway, THIS LOOK IS TOO ADORABLE <3 LOVELOVELOVE. Oh and did I mention that I literally sh!&@$(*@ my pants 10x over when I saw you on the homepage? :)

    not actually. but I was UBERDUPER excited.

  9. What a busy time for your family! I'm sure at some point you'll be so excited that people think you look younger than your age...right? :)
    You're great for posting repeat outfits, we all do it!

  10. I love that skirt! keep remixing it girl, it's awesome.

    So jealous of your Marc Jacobs bag! You have no idea how badly I want one, I wish there was a Saks closing in my area!

    People always think I'm younger than I am, too. I guess it will be great when we're older, but right now it just aggravates me as well.

    xo Katrina

  11. there's nothing wrong with remixing (as we know from out challenges) and you do it beautifully! and don't worry, asian girls always look a million years younger then they actually are so it's not just your bows :P

    and you're so sweet for driving all the way to your brother just to bring him meds, even if he was perfectly fine by the time you got there :P

  12. i love the color of that skirt.
    you look beautiful.

    purses are the only thing i spend a lot of money on..
    i love them.
    plus i like to think of them as an investment..we use them everyday and you can pass them down to your children if you have girls. :)
    i love my marc jacobs purse...cant wait to see yours!

  13. hehe it made me so happy to see you on the front page! if you ask me, you should be on there every day!

    I want a marc jacobs purse! eep!

    Sad about your brother, haha. My mom was a mess when she dropped me off in my dorm!

    As far as the bows go, I TOTALLY had a similar experience today and it's so weird because I even thought, "Does this happen to Jasmine?" I get all these weird stares and when my parents dropped me off, someone thought my sister was the one moving in! She's about 6 inches taller than me and I had my bow in...gah! I thought about taking it off and I've kind of ventured away from them...but...I love them! You know??

  14. Ah, I know exactly how you feel on the whole age thing! I don't look my age one bit and am always getting stares or things like that. One lady thought I was 12 until she saw my id! That's the youngest I've ever gotten! Haha

    Love your outfit! And can't wait to see your purchases!

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