Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fight the Bad Feeling


I'm still chugging along trying to balance two jobs, school, and a boyfriend. It's not easy and I don't think I'm coping well, if at all. I think the first change I need to make is to stop living off of fast food. I'm feeling and looking disgusting, or it could be this ridiculous heat wave Southern California is experiencing (yesterday was over 110 degrees). I just don't have the time anymore to cook. I always seem to be running late, so drive thrus have become my best friend lately. Can some of you suggest quick, healthy meals?


I stupidly left my camera at home so I had to go home to grab it after work. By the time I met up with Robert, the sun had already set so we quickly took these in my community's park. I really think I need to start becoming a morning person and wake up early so I can get outfit photos done and healthy meals cooked before noon. Or I could just sleep when I'm dead. A few nights ago, I couldn't sleep so I started watching Charmed and now I'm hooked. I prefer to watch shows after the series is over because I'm so impatient with waiting a whole week before watching a new episode--except for reality TV shows like Project Runway and America's Next Top Model. I live for reality TV.



Today, I was having one of those nothing-to-wear days and almost went to work in shorts and a t-shirt. I'm really not sure whether I like this outfit or not. I hope this heat wave dies down soon because I'm missing my cardigans and tights. With all this stress, I'm definitely needing some retail therapy. Online shopping to the rescue? I don't even know what I'm looking for. I just want something new.

Until next post,

outfit: pink top/dress -- cotton on; green skirt -- aa; belt -- topshop; flats -- aldo; bow -- f21


  1. These pictures are all so lovely, and I'm loving this color combo (I know, I say that every time, but I do mean it!). I'd say go for a salad but maybe throw in some meat to make it tastier! Or stock up on some fruit and just snack on them throughout the day instead of starving yourself all throughout! My Nutrition professor said frequent small meals are the way to go :) Plus every time you eat, your metabolism starts working and you digest and metabolize food more often (small portions are best though!). God I just sounded like a Nutritionist. Guess that's because it's my major :)

  2. Oh, my dear, you don't look disgusting. But STOP EATING FAST FOOD!! I'd love to point you to some fast recipes, I'll email you tomorrow. I like to make loads of food whenever I get a free minute, then freeze the extra so Josh and I have lunches throughout the week. Also, buy healthy snacks (fruits, nuts, whole grain crackers, carrots, etc) and stuff your purse with them. That way, you'll have plenty of healthy goodness to reach for when you need an energy boost.

    And, well, watch Food, Inc and read any Michael Pollen books if you need a reason to not eat fast foods!

    Sorry about my novel, I just feel so passionate about healthy eating. You'll feel so much more energetic, and you'll lose the taste for crappy food over time.

  3. I these pictures are adorable! I know what you mean about fast food. One of the easiest changes is to get other kinds of "fast" food snacks in your hands. Carry apples or other fruit in your bag. Graham crackers are also pretty filling too and not all that bad for you.

    I totally know what you mean about completed television series. I'm just now working on getting through Lost. But I loved the entire series of Charmed. It gets a little wacky towards the ends, but it is so amazing as far as being a great feminist/scifi series. :)

  4. Ugh, fast food will make anyone feel awful. I remember last semester that's all I had time to eat and I felt horrible at the end of the days!

    Sometimes in the frozen foods they have some pretty healthy microwavable meals. I love the pasta and chicken ones, mmmmmm my fave!

    And how about trying to prepare little meals or snacks the night before? That way you don't have to stress over what to eat that day.

    You are so gorgeous in these photos by the way. You always wear the most amazing colors!

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll, I admire your blog so much!

  5. I really love the colors of the shirt and skirt together! You look great! Like you, I'm juggling a lot but instead of always get fast food. I've been at least making a quick breakfast...eggs, wheat toast, turkey bacon or waffles. I've also been making pasta--more than I would need-- and just use the rest as left overs for the next day or two.


  6. Ahhh this is lovely :) I guess you're like me with the morning thing. I wake up at 6:30 everyday 'cause I just find myself to be a lot more functional early in the morning and late at night, but at night I obviously have to be sleeping! Anyway, I have a pretty specific routine, what I do is I wake up at 6:30 brush my teeth for a quick 30 seconds ('cause I eat breakfast right after), heat up my straightener and go upstairs make myself some breakfast and a cuppa tea or whatever I feel like, sit in front of the laptop and eat while checking emails and browsing blogs, go back downstairs do my hair and whatever makeup I feel like wearing (if any), get changed, brush my teeth FOR REAL with floss and all that, and then go back upstairs and make myself my lunch. SORRY FOR BEING SO SPECIFIC, but I'm one of those freaks who plans things down to the very minute and so if I excerpt-ed a specific part of my day it'd make no sense to me. ANYWAY, for lunch depending on how long it took me to get changed and brush my teeth and stuff, I'll either pack the leftovers from last night's dinner (if any, usually not), and if not then I'll make myself a sandwich! Plus, smaller frequent meals are a lot healthier than just having 3 giant meals. 5 meals would be healthier, it's better for your metabolism and all that jazz.

    Typical foods I'd pack for the day:
    PS- Going to include breakfast 'cause sometimes I have to leave my house at 7:30.

    Breakfast to-go:
    Nutella Sandwich, Apple, Yogurt

    Snack to-go:
    Cheese n' crackers!

    Lunch to-go:
    Ham/Turkey Sandwich, Almonds, Craisins (guilty pleasure), assorted fruits, and a granola bar.

    Snack to-go #2:
    Random snack, anything from dried fruits to rice krispies

    Dinner to-go: This tends to be really small 'cause I'll do a little thing I call "pre-eating" and go home and eat whatever's left over!

    Salad/Rice Ball thing that I make with left over rice

    Sorry for the extreme detail, but I guess that makes sense. I've been making a lot of dietary adjustments to my diet lately, I'm accommodating to what I feel is "healthy" for me and what "works". It really does help when you find foods that make you really happy, like I LOVE eating apples... so I actually have one everyday.

    Oh, and I'm really quite far from any eating disorder, I do eat quite a bit, but what I've realized is that I want to be happy with my body from the inside out, and I've really noticed a difference in my skin and such due to the changes I've been making.... :)

    Email me if you want any help with all that stuff! I've been making my own lunches since grade 3, so it's kind of become second nature for me to have a whole handful of random lunches that you could make for yourself! <3


  7. yay for pink and green!! :D you look so charming, dear!! :D

    and i totally hear you on getting sucked into watching reality tv, no matted how bad, fake, bitcy and dramatic it can be! hahahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  8. you look so cute!! love the colors :)

  9. i think this outfit is really cute,, they r great! i like the color mix!!


  10. Hi love, you look really beautiful and I'm writing this to you in France before I go out and get lost.

    Something that's easy to eat is if you get some hummus and some pita bread and then you can always fancy it up with things like baby carrots and celery and tomatoes and cucumbers. I like Annie's idea of making a big batch of food and then freezing it for the week, or just eating from it all week, although that can get sort of tedious too! Coucous is another easy and healthy thing to make when you're on the go. I always crave rice because I'm hella asian, and sometimes I don't have all the time in the world, but you can always get some seaweed or get a bottle gomasio from your asian food store or your health food store and sprinkle it on your rice. If you have some veggies, you can just steam it with the rice or if you have time look up some fun stir fry recipes!

    Is that at all helpful? I just typed 'healpthful' because clearly I'm still delirious.


  11. Jasmine, you look so cute!

    I totally feel your pain.. ahh Drive Thrus!

    In the car I always keep trail mix to snack on to help me fight off the hunger as I'm passing Wendys! I also get those special K protein packs to add to my waters, they take off the edge when I'm hungry.

    I love CHOBANI yogurts (greek style) .. Usually they are at grocery chains, so check your local one. Strawberry Banana, Pomegranate and Pineapple are SO GOOD. I'm not even a yogurt lover and these have a lot of protein so you don't break down and feel hungry later. I've replaced a meal with that (plus a small snack like crackers or almonds) and I've seen a huge difference!

    Keep ur head up!~
    xo, Brittni

  12. You look great! That stinks about the heatwave...we've had good weather this week but it was super hot last week. Maybe it'll be nice next week!

    I'm hooked on Amy's frozen dinners for when I don't have time to cook (or I'm too lazy to). They're pricey I guess for one meal, but they're a lot healthier than other frozen meals and they taste home-cooked! Also, baking chicken takes no time at all...just slather it is some kind of sauce and stick it in the oven :) ha

  13. you look beautiful...def. not disgusting!!!
    i can not eat fast food it hurts my tummy but if i am in a pinch i go to panera for a salad or subway for a turkey or veggie sandwich.
    stay cool love...hope it gets cooler for you!

  14. I also live in so-cal, this weather is so miserable.
    I'm liking the color combo, and it looks like a good summer outfit

  15. i love the color combo! it reminds me of strawberry ice cream and mint ice cream. om nom nom nom :)
    i hope the heat wave passes soon so you can return to your beloved tights <3

  16. i love your outfit, super adorable and like the comment above me, it reminds me of ice cream :)
    wow, i thought we were suffering in Norcal with it being 102, but man, 110 would kill me! I'm sorry you're having a hard time being so busy, I totally feel you there. Just make sure you're making time for yourself, whether it's reading a book, shopping (my fave, hehe), or whatever you enjoy so you don't get overwhelmed. as for food, i have a rice cooker, so i like to steam a lot of rice and save it, then throw veggies in a pan (broccoli, carrots, cabbage, etc) with soy sauce and eat that with rice. it's pretty quick and yummy. also, lots of apples and bananas are filling. i have lots of quick recipes, so email me if you want them :)

    and shopping...i'm always doing it even though i don't know what i want either, it's an addiction!
    hope you're feeling better soon :)

  17. Oh, I'm sorry you're not coping well! It takes a while to adjust.. I know what you mean about fast food drive thrus. I feel the same sometimes but I have to remind myself that we have to save money.

    Try buying fresh fruit and cutting it up beforehand and putting it in ziploc bags in the fridge.

    Nuts are always healthy! but expensive..

    Hope these kind of help!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  18. I'm not very good at quick healthy meals since I usually snack from a bag of chocolate chips.. something we can both work on? Ehehee. A handful of nuts is filling and tasty when you're on the go, though. :)

    Your skirt is way too cute and I love it against your pink top. You're like an adorable watermelon! :DDD

  19. i just bought the same skirt as you! it was my online retail therapy, i totally get what you mean by not knowing what you want, just wanting something in general!

  20. Jasmine.. this is such a refreshing color combo.. I love it! As for quick and healthy meals.. I can't really think of one off the top of my head.. but I do love to snack on baby carrots and hummus or even pita chips (Stacy's brand).. mmmm...

    xx Love & Aloha

  21. oh jasmine, your comment "my jaw is dropping to the floor over that scalloped peter pan collar" never ceases to make me laugh!

  22. I adore these photos! You're so cuuute - that skirt is perfection!

  23. I really love the color combination in this look. Very CHEERY and very YOU :) Who's your favorite in ANTM? I like the 6'2" girl and the fiery red-headed girl! LOL, I don't even remember their names :p