Wednesday, January 02, 2013

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

What do you wear when you meet an ex-boyfriend for tea to give him back his stuff? You don't want to try too hard because you're obviously over him, but you also want him to know what he missed out on and that you're better off without him. And maybe, just maybe, you want him to think you're better than the bimbo he's supposedly moved on with. Well this is what I wore to such an occasion.

Is it silly to admit that I even googled "what to wear when meeting an ex-boyfriend?" It wasn't even because I was nervous, because I wasn't. I just wanted to make sure I looked as good as I feel since having let him go. And while we're being honest here, it bothered me too that I was so concerned about looking good for him. It just confused me because I knew I didn't have feelings for him, and up until the moment he texted me wanting to meet, I hadn't really given him much thought. So why did it matter what I looked like when I saw him? Why did I feel the need to buy a new top just for the occasion? I couldn't come up with an answer other than just because. Because I needed to prove to him, and to myself, that I really have moved on, and that I've been the happiest I've been in a long time. Because my friend told me that there's a winner in every breakup. And per my usual competitive self, because I wanted to be that winner. A lot to expect from an outfit right? But I didn't take the advice on Google to dress this way or that way. I know this outfit doesn't look like much, but it made me feel good. And in the end, I just wanted to look myself because being myself is finally enough for me. Of course a little mascara and lip gloss never hurt anyone either. Something that my google search never told me? Just how much seeing him again would validate everything--the independence, the happiness, the confidence--I've been working on. It was just so oddly satisfying and empowering feeling nothing when seeing him. I really have moved on and have closed that chapter of my life. I rang in the new year with good friends. I am just so excited for this upcoming year and all the adventures heading my way. 2011 will always be the year I lost 25 pounds; 2012 was the year of changes; and 2013 is going to be a good year because I'm going to make it good.

Until next post,
cardigan - h&m
top - g-stage
jeans - gap
necklace - madison bleu
shoes - american eagle
bag - michael kors


  1. aaaww.. meeting the ex or not, i think you look great in this!! :D
    i hope this year brings you and i just good positive vibes!! :D
    yay!! cheers!!

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  2. this is the time for a snap snap snap I HEAR YOU SISTAH. The first time I saw my ex (like SAW, saw, not just glanced at the gas station and waved at "saw) I was coming over to discuss with his then-girlfriend (note: she was his third. we had been broken up for maybe a year) how I would take her to a music festival. she was in love with me. him, less so. I had a similar problem and went with a similar outfit - plain black jeans, cute graphic tee, cropped leather jacket, necklace. wait...why do I still remember this exactly!? ughhhh some things will never change.
    Anyway, props to you for moving on so great! can't wait to see what you do :]
    p.s. there are no 'winners' in a breakup. this is something I've learned. in fact, this might get a blog post...mmm thank you for the inspiration!

  3. hey jasmine! i've missed reading your blog!! and you're lookin' gooood :) the simple details you put into your outfits are refreshing. you make it look so easy! and i understand what you mean about wanting to look good in front of an ex but how it's more of how well you're doing than wanting to make him jealous. i had a similar incident with an ex of mine in which i saw him completely out of the blue. i hugged him, of course, said "how you doin" and stuff and then our goodbyes. it really did feel empowering to know that i'm over him and he's not important in my life - but it didn't hurt that i dressed good that day lol

    your honest words are always comforting

    ps. i am blogging again! if you would be so kind to check out my blog :)

  4. This blog post really deserves the highest of high fives. <3

    I totally get you though. Even if you're completely over someone, you can't help but want to look your best when you're meeting up again, if not for him...but for yourself. And this outfit? Killer. Not overdone and just perfect in so many ways. Sending you a super, super long email later this weekend!